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Today's phrase is 'burn the midnight oil.' 오늘의 영어 표현은 burn the midnight oil 입니다.

You know, sometimes American English is confusing and hard to understand, like: Burn the midnight oil. Does this mean that there is a special oil people burn in the middle of the night? Let’s find out what today’s phrase 'burn the midnight oil' means. Listen carefully.

Sally: I have a big exam tomorrow.
George: Are you prepared?
Sally: No, not at all! I have to burn the midnight oil. I need to do well on this exam.

본문에서 Sally 가 “I have a big exam tomorrow 나 내일 중요한 시험이 있다”라고 하니까 George 가 “Are you prepared? 준비는 많이 했니?”라고 하더라고요. . . . 계속