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Jason, it’s time for you to man up and be responsible and lead the company. I know you have it in you.
We aspired to levels of wealth and education higher than those of our parents, who often sacrificed to make it so. Comfort and security were the products of hard, honest work over a lifetime.
The Chinese philosopher Confucious was reported to have said, "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without."
"Selfie," taking a picture of yourself to post on social media, became an official word in the Oxford dictionary in 2013.
All parents want their child to perform well in school. However, three new studies suggest this may not happen if the child watches too much television.
What’s wrong? You seem ticked off. I am! Justin keeps pulling pranks on me and it really ticks me off.
Giving a presentation can be a scary task. It can be even more worrisome when the presentation is not in your native language. You may forget the English words for what you want to say.
The small four-door car is about three meters long. It will cost one hundred thousand Indian rupees, or two thousand dollars. That is about half the price of similar cars offered by the nearest competitor.
Living among trees, plants and flowers can fill your life with beauty. And if you are a woman, it can also help you live longer.
People blink their eyes tens of thousands of times every day. Scientists have long believed blinking was an involuntary movement and served mainly to keep the eyeballs wet.
Hey Jason, are you going to Brian’s farewell party tonight? I plan to go but I could wind up not going if my staff meeting doesn’t end on time.
More Americans than ever are riding their bicycles to work instead of driving. They are doing this because of gas prices, a slowing economy and concerns about the environment.
Sherlock Holmes may be the most famous private investigator of them all. Holmes is also one bookstore owner’s first choice when a new English reader asks him to recommend a mystery novel.
China has launched the first satellite using quantum technology to send communications back to earth. Quantum technology will make these communications safe from hackers.
Wow! Yesterday’s basketball game was a real nail-biter! It sure was a nail-biter! Both teams were really good.
Laura Kahn loves to cook. "I am making a zucchini potato frittata." But this week she is cooking for herself and her husband on about $4 each per day. That's the average government food aid benefit.
A circle is simple and elegant. Mathematicians describe it as 360 degrees traveling endlessly around and around.
Hey, Mike. If you’re free this Saturday afternoon, come over to my house. I’m hosting a BBQ party. Oh, I’d love to but I can’t. I’m going to be as busy as a bee.
The more than 20,000 freight trains that are in motion at any one time across the country are packed with goods. Freight railroads are making money, and the trains are about as high-tech as anything that moves on earth.
Their first car will probably be a used car because they cost much less than new ones. The prices of used cars can be very different, depending on the kind of car, how old it is and how well it works.