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English learners can improve their pronunciation by working with pitch humming. This advice comes from Tamara Jones.
Their first device could add, subtract, multiply and divide. It had twelve bytes of memory -- close to nothing compared to today's highly powerful calculators. And it weighed more than a kilogram.
The Greek poet Homer has given us many phrases. A famous one is “Achilles’ heel.” On your body, your Achilles’ heel is the tendon on the back of your ankle.
By now, you've probably heard of blogs, or Web logs - personal stories and other meanderings about the news of the day or anything else a blogger feels like writing about.
Stella: I am all about change! I would definitely get a pixie cut, something very short and classic.
Julie: Hmmm! But not from scratch I’m afraid. We utilize canned pumpkins but we like pumpkin pies.
A company in San Francisco, California, has found a way to turn used plastic bottles into women’s shoes.
Hey Jennifer, where are you off to? I’m off to the gym. Do you want to go too?
Clowns are almost everywhere these days in popular culture. They can be seen in movies, on television shows, at musical performances, and sometimes just walking in the streets.
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a popular expression in the United States. It may be a common saying, but it is not scientifically confirmed.
The U.S. government’s top education official wants schools to do a better job teaching students whose first language is not English.
Night markets in Asia are places where people enjoy street food and social gatherings. "This is something we need." In Southern California, the 626 Night Market in Los Angeles reminds George Ge of a night market in Taiwan.
Jen: Hi Josh, how are you? Josh: Great, thanks! Jen: Good. What did you do today? Josh: We went to the Holocaust Museum.
I thought Lisa’s speech was going to be aggressive but it was watered down! It was watered down? How so?
Eli Hinkel, a professor at Seattle Pacific University, says that English learners need to learn to recognize patterns in the English language.
Today we are celebrating your birthday! You don’t have to. But if you insist…. How would you like to celebrate your birthday? A cake and ice-cream party will be good enough.
Bird feathers have long been used in clothing and in bedding. Manufacturers often use feathers because of their light weight and the warmth they provide in a cold room or climate.
Hi. Where are we going? Pardon me? Where should I take you?
Some machines can take something written in one language and give users the same or similar wording in another language.
Living among trees, plants and flowers can fill your life with beauty. And if you are a woman, it can also help you live longer.