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무슨 걱정거리라도 있니?
Jen, why the long face? Oh, it’s nothing. What do you mean it’s nothing? Something has to be going on.

얼음성 여관: 마지막
At the end of part two, our four travelers had gone on a treasure hunt. They followed clues and searched the castle. But as they gather by the fire to tell what they found, no one is happy.

야구경기장에서 만나요
Are you planning on going to the baseball game tonight? Yes, I am. How about you? I'm going, too. Have you bought your ticket? Not yet.

Michael: I can take your car apart and put it back together if you would like? Jen: Oh wow! Wow! So you are a mechanic too right?

사람이 매우 까다로워
Did you get a chance to review my presentation? How does it look? Yes, I did. It looks great to me, but keep in mind that our new boss is very picky so double check that you have exactly what he wants.

패스트푸드점에서 운동까지
Those who choose the drive-through lanes don't even have to walk to the counter to get their fattening hamburgers, deep-fried chicken, sugary sodas, and donuts.

눈싸움 금지법
Cold, snowy weather has arrived in many places. That means young people are enjoying building snowmen, going sledding and having snowball fights.

현금으로 지불하시겠어요?
Was everything OK? It was fine. The total was $18.60. That much?! Just kidding. I could tell. Do you want to pay in cash or credit card?

Jason, you need to stop screwing around and get back to work! I’ll get back to work after I finish watching this television show.

이사하기 전에
Megan: We’re actually moving and so we’re just doing, like, a little vacation before we move. Yeah, we’re moving to New Mexico. So kind of having a fun time.

꿈의 대리석
In 1517, the great Italian artist Michelangelo climbed Mount Altissimo in Tuscany. There, he found the marble of his dreams.

Do you like going to the movies? Yes, I do enjoy watching movies.

깨끗하게 정돈된
Wow your room is very clean and tidy! Do you keep it like this everyday? Yes, I keep it clean and tidy everyday.

벌컥 화내다
Hey, Alice! How was the baseball game last night? It was a company outing right? Oh man! I flipped out as soon as we got to the stadium.

요즘 멋있어 보이는구나
Hey you’ve got it going on these days! Thanks. I’ve been working out at the gym so that I can get fit.

어쩔 수 없어
Wait, why are you drinking a soda? I thought you said you’re not drinking sodas anymore.

To dry fish, you will need either a drying table or a place to hang them. If a table is used, it should have a top made of wire screen or thin pieces of wood with a space between each piece.

단어 게임 스크래블
Scrabble is the world's best selling word game, sold in 121 countries, in 29 languages.

지구 내부 지도
Scientists in Australia want to build what they describe as a “downward looking telescope” to look for mineral wealth under the Earth’s surface.

풍문을 듣다
When we “get wind of something,” we hear some news or information that has been kept private.