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동물도 비디오 게임을 좋아한다
At the Aquarium of the Pacific in California, the penguins have something in common with bird keeper Sara Mandel's cats. Both animals like games on a tablet computer.

여성 국가지도자
More women are becoming national leaders. The newest include Angela Merkel. She is expected to become the first female chancellor of Germany on Tuesday.

펄프 포장재
The average American throws away about 84 kilos of plastic every year. Much of that ends up in the ocean, according to the marine research group Algalita. Almost half is thrown away after just one use.

휘파람 언어
The United Nations is calling for urgent action to protect a whistled language used in a mountainous area of Turkey.

음악을 들으면
The Chinese philosopher Confucious was reported to have said, "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without."

The school offers classes for those wanting to become professionals as well as those who just want to mix party music for friends. The two year program leads to certification and helps with job placement.

커피의 좋은 점
Scientists are finding that coffee does more than help you stay awake. Researchers in the American state of Pennsylvania say coffee has high levels of antioxidants.

투명 망토
More than a century ago, English novelist H.G. Wells wrote about The Invisible Man. Ever since then, invisibility has been a staple of science fiction.

대학 진학 가이드
Many teenagers returning to high school or secondary school this year have started making plans to go to college. But the college application process is so tedious and complex that many other teens will ignore the whole process.

Cabin fever is a condition. It happens when someone is stuck inside for a long period of time.

교통 위반 딱지
Well, I guess I was caught running a red light by a traffic camera in downtown D.C. DC 시내에서 빨간 신호등일 때 그냥 지나가다, 감시 카메라에 찍힌 것 같아.

Hundreds of years ago a Native American chief named Shenandoah lived with his tribes in what is now the state of Virginia.

Barbecue, or BBQ for short, is a style of cooking meat at a low temperature for a long time.

백과사전은 공룡인가?
By and large, these are authoritative and fascinating to dig into. But most of them haven't been cracked in months or years. They have become almost historical artifacts, part of the office decor.

새로운 토플 시험
Experts have long said that one of the major required abilities of attending college in the United States is speaking English well. Many times, foreign students have earned high scores on the TOEFL but...

Giving a presentation can be a scary task. It can be even more worrisome when the presentation is not in your native language. You may forget the English words for what you want to say.

스마트폰 중독
About half of teenagers in the United States and Japan say they are “addicted” to their smartphones.

America is full of vacation lodges . . . on wheels! They are known as motor homes - literally kitchens, living rooms, and beds on the move across America.

두번째 인생
Second Life is a three-dimensional, online world in which computer users can create a new self and live a different life. Second Life is one of the most popular new online games...

Rumors and gossip are stories or pieces of information that are passed from person to person but have not been proven to be true.