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그냥 차분하게 지내려고
How are you feeling about the test? Though I am very anxious about this test, I will play it cool all day.

Whether outdoors or indoors, swimming is a fun way to stay in shape. And one of the great things about swimming is diving.

화나게 하다
What’s wrong? You seem ticked off. I am! Justin keeps pulling pranks on me and it really ticks me off.

생각이 날 듯한데
Hey, what’s the name of the movie that you watched last week? I am thinking of watching it tomorrow. Hmm…it’s on the tip of my tongue.

현관문 카메라
The U.S. community of Wolcott, Connecticut, does not have a lot of crime. But when its police chief heard about a chance to provide doorbell cameras to some local homes, he did not wait.

작은 문제를 갖고 과장하는 사람
We have been waiting for our food for more than 30 minutes. Okay, I’m not trying to be a drama queen but I don’t understand what could be taking so long.

짐바브웨의 상아
In some parts of Africa, elephant populations are in decline. That is mostly because hunters shoot the animals for their valuable ivory tusks.

근육이 발음을 기억한다
When you repeat a physical action many times, your brain develops permanent memory for how to do it.


Today we will be talking about a hated but misunderstood animal -- the rat. The sight of a rat might frighten you. Or it might make you sick to your stomach.

읽기쓰기 능력
Thirteen percent of all people tested in the latest U.S. adult literacy survey are unable to do much more than sign a form, or read simple directions on a medical prescription.

~에 관심이 많다
Stella: I am all about change! I would definitely get a pixie cut, something very short and classic.

벌컥 화내다
Hey, Alice! How was the baseball game last night? It was a company outing right? Oh man! I flipped out as soon as we got to the stadium.

연락 드리려면 어떻게 하면 될까요?
It has really been a pleasure meeting you, Mary. It was very nice meeting you, too, Tom. Let’s keep in touch.

화성에서 감자를?
A year later, scientists in Peru and NASA scientists in California started working together on growing potatoes in a harsh location similar to Mars.

책임을 지다
I broke Sam’s camera yesterday and I still haven’t told him yet. Well, it’s time you faced the music and told him.

건축 자재 대나무
Bamboo is one of the world’s most useful plants. For thousands of years bamboo has been used in many different ways -- from food to medicine to clothing and, in small ways, as a building material.

신종플루 클리닉
Patients are frustrated by delays in delivery of the vaccine. Some are angry that they're not among the two groups -- children and pregnant women -- given priority because they seem most susceptible to swine flu.

트랜스 지방 추방하기
There may be something in your food that you cannot see and cannot taste. But it could be killing you. It is an artificial oil commonly called trans fat.

웃음이 최고의 명약
Laughing is one of life’s most simple pleasures. It is free. You can do it anywhere. And it makes you feel good!

쓰기 전에 생각하라
For the past 18 years, Jim Allan has run a secretarial center in Los Angeles. He offers typing -- and a lot more. He draws on his background as a corporate lawyer in Canada to teach clients...