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A new study suggests that there may be a limit to how long people can live. American researchers found that the longest a human being can live is about 115 years.
Hey, my mother knows you love paintings so she wanted me to ask you if you wanted her old paintings. It’s because we are moving soon and she can’t keep all of them.
But now scientists are finding that hobbies are really, really good for your health as well, even if you hardly lift a finger to enjoy them.
Helpdesk, Sarah speaking. How can I help you? Hi, this is Tom, and I have an Internet connection problem. What hotel are you staying in? Sunday Inn located in Stockbridge.
What’s going on with you? You’ve been angry the whole day. That’s not like you so snap out of it.
Jason! You did it! You finished the city marathon! Thanks! It was definitely a rewarding experience.
So what’s the update on the situation? Well, I don’t know all the ins and outs of the situation yet. I would have to talk to Steve to find out.
Married couples no longer make up the majority of households in America. For the first time in the history of the United States, except during periods of war, more women are living independently.
Hey, is there any progress on the playground that you are building for your kids? To be honest, I have been making progress but I still have a long way to go.
More people are trying to learn English than any other language in the world. English is the language of political negotiations and international business.
Sixty percent of high schools in the United States now offer college-level work through Advanced Placement courses.
Speed dating is an efficient way for single people hoping to find romance to meet a number of other single people at once.
Today, Americans have tables and chairs in their kitchens and dining rooms that are usually made of wood. People also have large wooden cabinets in their dining rooms to hold dishes.
Many U.S. colleges and universities are making big changes to their libraries. The schools are finding ways to serve students and to succeed in an increasingly digital world.
Uh oh~ You better get back in shape. You’ve gained a lot of weight since having our two children. 오~오~ 그럼 당신 예전 몸매를 되찾기 위해 노력 좀 해야겠네~ 애들 둘 낳고 나서 당신 살 많이 쪘잖아.
Winters in parts of the United States can be cold and, at times, snowy. Sometimes violent storms with high winds combine with low temperatures to produce heavy snowfall. This creates blizzard conditions.
Wow! Yesterday’s basketball game was a real nail-biter! It sure was a nail-biter! Both teams were really good.
When a store sells goods or services at a cost lower than usual, it is called a sale. Sales last for a limited time. Then the cost is returned to its usual amount.
Exercise is good for us. It reduces the risks of dying from all causes, including cancer and heart disease. This is according to the World Health Organization.
Not long ago, another colleague was chatting away at the coffee pot when a cookie slipped from his grasp. He calmly reached down, picked it up, gave it a quick brush with his hand, and devoured it.