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베트남 쌀국수, 라면, 메밀 국수
If you live in India, chances are you are most interested in pho -- a Vietnamese soup with a light and flavorful liquid base, rice noodles, spices and meat, such as beef or chicken.

백문이 불여일견
I heard that Thomas is your new roommate. Yes he is. He’s an awesome roommate so far. He is very clean and organized.

소문으로 듣다
Some of the most exciting information does not come from online or from your phone or in a text. Some of the most exciting information comes to you by way of “the grapevine.”

미세먼지 필터
The capital, New Delhi, has some of the world's dirtiest air. The pollution was a "call for action" for researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

허쉬 초콜릿
People around the world know and enjoy the chocolate candy from the Hershey Company. Company officials say they export Hershey's products to more than ninety countries.

100년 전
Each New Year you see a lot of historical comparisons, detailing amazing changes in the American way of life from 50 or 100 years ago.

블루 리지 파크웨이
The parkways cut through some of the most scenic parts of the country. One of the longest -- and most popular -- is the Blue Ridge Parkway. Many people call it “America’s favorite drive.”

일을 대충 하다
Have you finished planning your vacation? Not quite yet. I’m still looking for ways to cut corners and save money on this vacation.

세계를 변화시키는 힘
The World Future Society has published a special report about forces changing the world. It is called "Fifty-three Trends Now Shaping the Future."

몹시 수줍음이 많은 사람
The name Violet is found in an English expression. A shrinking violet describes someone who is very shy.

남을 몰래 관찰하는 사람
Flies perform an important job in nature. They break down a lot of organic materials. Plus, farmers can use their larvae as very cheap food sources for animals.

열심히 귀를 기울이다
Mike: I have a really good explanation. I promise. Rebecca: Go ahead. I’m all ears.

재택 근무
People are moving their work from offices to their living rooms, extra bedrooms, kitchens and basements.

Millions of Americans have come to prefer bottled water for drinking, and are perfectly willing to pay plenty for it. A bottle of fancy water does indeed cost 1,000 or more times what it costs to pour a tall glass of tap water.

판타지 풋볼
The first thing Nima Vaez-Zadeh does before starting work during American football season is inspect his fantasy football team.

나이가 많아서?
By the time they reach midlife, people expect to have accomplished most of their career goals and be considering activities to pursue in their retirement.

세계의 다이어트
We are what we eat. This is an old expression, but one worth knowing. A recent look at diets around the world shows that people who eat healthy food -- and not too much of it -- live longer.

합격과 불합격
Naturally, we all want to do well in school and life. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. So, today we are going to talk about both.

We have known for a long time that our body posture -- the way we hold our bodies when we sit, stand or walk -- tells the world a lot about us.

스마트폰 글쓰기 속도
Many Americans use smartphones for most or all of their day-to-day communication activities.