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Speaking of toes, let’s talk about them for a minute. Like the rest of our feet, they spend all day stuck inside socks and shoes.
"Spilling the beans" when you communicate with others is also a bad thing. When you spill the beans, you share or make public secret information.
Mya Le Thai is a scientist studying at the University of California, Irvine. She recently discovered a process that may result in batteries that last forever.
Pew researchers found that 32 percent of 18-to-34-year-old Americans lived at their parents’ home in 2014. That is the highest percentage nationwide since 1940.
Uh oh~ You better get back in shape. You’ve gained a lot of weight since having our two children. 오~오~ 그럼 당신 예전 몸매를 되찾기 위해 노력 좀 해야겠네~ 애들 둘 낳고 나서 당신 살 많이 쪘잖아.
Some people's ears produce wax like busy little bees. This can be a problem even though earwax appears to serve an important purpose.
Many single low-income women who try to enter the work force find themselves competing for jobs that require business clothes they can't afford. That's where Suited for Change comes in.
I'm going to catch up on some household chores. I've been so swamped with work these days. 나는 그 동안 밀린 집안일을 좀 하려고. 요즈음 일에 몰려 정신이 없었거든.
Some critics blame doctors who are generally paid for individual services and thus have an incentive to perform too many procedures. But physicians argue that they are forced to perform many preventive procedures to protect themselves against malpractice law suits.
The United States is a big country with many, many roads. Many, if not most, Americans depend on motor vehicles to get from place to place.
The fastest-growing type of housing in America is the "gated community." It's a typical cluster of attractive suburban homes along streets with cheery names like "Butterfly Lane."
Accidents in which people lose an arm or leg often take place in communities with large numbers of poor people.
California officials are praising workers for rescuing a 13-year-old boy who fell into a river of sewage in Los Angeles.
Subprime mortgages are loans to people who may not have enough money to repay them. These and other risky housing loans are often grouped with other mortgages and sold as debt investments.
Every time I eat or drink something hot or cold, I feel a momentary twinge. I also feel a sharp pain when I bite down. 뜨겁거나 찬 것을 먹을 때마다 이가 시큰거려요. 무엇인가를 씹을 때 심한 통증이 있고요..
Being a designer or creative almost becomes like a lifestyle because you're constantly surrounded by challenges and beautiful things and ugly things.
How was your flight? It was fine, but I was a little cramped. Where were you sitting on the plane? I was in an economy class seat. There was not enough legroom for me. I had no elbowroom, either.
May I look around the ship? 배를 둘러봐도 됩니까? Look around 둘러보다라는 뜻의 숙어입니다. May I look around the ship?
Many of the companies that run these call centers have shipped their operations overseas. The practice of routing calls to overseas help-centers hasn't proven to be all that popular with consumers.
American children are spending more and more of their leisure time indoors -- watching TV, playing video games and chatting with friends on line.