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당신 안의 제임스 본드?
Of course it's one thing for an action hero to break down a door, leap from a moving motorcycle into a car, or fend off a killer shark. But how would the ordinary, out-of-shape reader do it?

치즈 문화
The United States produces twenty-five percent of the world's cheese. A trade group, the Dairy Export Council, says producers made more than four million metric tons of it from cow's milk last year.

Pawn shops are businesses where people bring their possessions to sell or to get a short-term loan. The United States has about ten thousand of them. In the past few years, pawn shops have been doing business with more people than ever before.

I heard you’re buying Kathy a new car for her birthday. Are you for real? Yes, I’m for real.

애완동물 아기 사자
On the roof of an apartment building in one of Gaza’s most crowded cities live some unusual occupants -- two baby lions.

뜨거운 음료는 피해야
The next time you make yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee, you might want to let it cool down a bit before drinking.

원격 근무
A technology company based in California’s Silicon Valley is offering its workers money to leave the area.

운전 중 휴대폰 사용 탐지
Australia’s most populous state is setting up cameras as part of an effort to reduce the number of people preoccupied with wireless devices while they drive.

현장에서 들켰다
I’m just wondering, have you ever cheated in school? Yes, just once in high school. But I got caught red-handed by my teacher so I stopped doing it after that.

금괴 보관소
Fort Knox is the name of an Army base in the southern state of Kentucky. But the name is better known for its link to gold.

정각에 떠날 거야
Can you make sure that you and Linda come to my house by 10:30 because we are leaving eleven o’clock on the dot.

짧은 한 토막
Jen: Katie, did you watch the Republican National Convention last week? Katie: I watched short snippets of it, little clips, but not the whole speech, just little parts of it.

식사할 때 나는 소리
Restaurant chefs, home cooks, and foodies -- people who love good food -- often say that we eat with all of our senses.

Yeah! Carnivals are a lot of fun. Really? Have you been to carnivals growing up? I’ve been to several carnivals growing up.

전통 게임에 신기술 접목시키기
Space travel, survival trips and flying through the air are all experiences people can have at a new kind of entertainment business in Los Angeles, California.

물건을 이용한 영어발음 개선
Pronouncing English can be difficult. One reason is because English has some difficult sounds that are -- unfortunately for English learners -- very common.

새로운 토플 시험
Experts have long said that one of the major required abilities of attending college in the United States is speaking English well. Many times, foreign students have earned high scores on the TOEFL but...

기운을 내
What’s going on with you? You’ve been angry the whole day. That’s not like you so snap out of it.

이스탄불의 그래피티
Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, is witnessing an explosion of graffiti art.

내 눈에 흙이 들어가기 전에는 안 돼
Hey, I’d like to take your sister out on a date. Would you let me? Over my dead body you will date my little sister!