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스쿠버 다이빙
The word "scuba" stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. Knowing how to dive opens up an entire underwater world of coral, fish, and other creatures.

설득하여 하게 하다
Gary: I rode the mega bus from Atlanta to Knoxville and so I talked these guys into riding the mega bus.

Bees make honey in their homes, known as hives, and beekeepers make money selling that honey.

벽에도 귀가 있다
Have you ever listened to a private conversation? Maybe you were standing by a door or in a hallway and you heard people talking about someone else you know.

안전벨트를 매세요
Chris, buckle your seat belt so we can go. I hate to wear these seat belts! It’s for your own safety, and it’s the law. But the seat belts choke me.

꿈의 대리석
In 1517, the great Italian artist Michelangelo climbed Mount Altissimo in Tuscany. There, he found the marble of his dreams.

즉시 갈게
Hey Mike, if I ever need help, can I call you? Of course you can call me! I can come at the drop of a hat.

미국 입국심사
The Bush administration announced a plan it says will improve security at the nation’s borders, while welcoming foreign visitors. The plan uses improved technology to speed up security processes.

When you learn a foreign language, it can be very difficult to know the best word to use in a situation. This show can help you learn how and when to use American expressions.

Pepsi Cola started in a drug store in New Bern, North Carolina in eighteen ninety-six. At the time, most drug stores included a long, high, narrow table where people could gather socially.

쇠귀에 경 읽기
I’ve tried discussing the issue with her, but it was like talking to a brick wall. How come?

브로드웨이 무대 감독
The job requires them to spend a lot of time looking at video camera images. They also usually wear a headset that lets them hear and be heard by members of the cast and crew.

사전과 씨름하는 맥도날드
The giant McDonald's fast-food corporation is not just serving 50 million people a day in 119 countries. It's also polishing its image among wordsmiths.

클라우드 전쟁
Chinese companies have begun competing with Western companies in the cloud computing and data storage market. The “cloud war” is taking place as the dispute between the United States and China about data hacking and computer network security grows stronger.

급히 서두르면 일을 망친다
Mike, you have to put these packages together quickly! Come on hurry, hurry! Why are you rushing me? We have plenty of time. Haste makes waste.

아직 멀었어
Hey, is there any progress on the playground that you are building for your kids? To be honest, I have been making progress but I still have a long way to go.

몸을 편히 움직일 수 있는 공간
Ugh! There is no elbow room in here at all. It’s so crammed and I can hardly even breathe.

영작을 위한 개념도
English learners face a common problem: their writing often lacks clarity and cohesion. That is according to Babi Kruchin and Alan Kennedy who teach at the American Language Program at Columbia University.

1분 운동의 효과
There is good news for people who think they do not have time to exercise. A group of researchers from a university in Canada recently published a study that says short bursts of high-intensity exercise are good for you.

대단히 침착하다
I can’t believe Lisa got her passport stolen! I know! I heard about that too.