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여성 국가지도자
More women are becoming national leaders. The newest include Angela Merkel. She is expected to become the first female chancellor of Germany on Tuesday.

스니커즈 운동화
Sneakers are a type of comfortable shoe. We wear them for sports and when we have to walk a lot. Many children wear them to school.

영화 대여 서비스
Netflix is the world’s largest online movie rental service. It started in nineteen ninety-eight. It now has ten million paying members in the United States.

건초를 묶는 철사
Today, we are going on a make-believe trip to the countryside to learn about a word that comes from something used on a farm -- haywire.

머피의 법칙
Murphy’s Law is an American expression whose meaning spread around the world. Murphy’s Law says: "Everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong."

전면적인 압박 공세
People all over the world love sports. Some of us play a sport for fun; some to stay in shape; a few, for the love of the game; and even more play to win.

Wow look at this line up! This restaurant must be really good! Yes this place is known for their delicious breakfast menus and they get a lot of regulars like me. Plus they’ve been around for 40 years.

We have known for a long time that our body posture -- the way we hold our bodies when we sit, stand or walk -- tells the world a lot about us.

감당 못할 일을 하다
Now, sometimes when we are hungry, we may eat too fast or too much. We may, in fact, bite off more than we can chew.

On average, Americans spend about 10 hours a day in front of a computer or other electronic device and less than 30 minutes a day outdoors.

몹시 수줍음이 많은 사람
The name Violet is found in an English expression. A shrinking violet describes someone who is very shy.

Their first device could add, subtract, multiply and divide. It had twelve bytes of memory -- close to nothing compared to today's highly powerful calculators. And it weighed more than a kilogram.

Americans often try to say things as quickly as possible. So, for some expressions, we use the first letters of the words instead of saying each word.

바로 본론으로 들어가다
Angela: Stop with all the details, and cut to the chase. What university are you attending in the fall?

북극고래의 노래
Another interesting quality? Their underwater communication style has scientists comparing them to “jazz” artists.

호기심이 지나치면
This week we talk about another expression Americans usually get wrong. That expression is: Curiosity killed the cat.

매우 쉬운 일
Clara: Hey! How did you do on the exam? Ellie: I got an A. The exam was a piece of cake.

An intergovernmental organization says water levels in the Mekong River have dropped to “worrying levels.”

과테말라의 팜유
The palm oil industry is growing in Central America. And in Guatemala, the product has become a major export.

Today we are talking about the somewhat unusual day of February 29. It comes up on the calendar only every four years.