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한국의 경제성장
When the Korean War ended in 1953, South Korea was one of the poorest countries in the world. In 2004, South Korea joined the trillion-dollar club of world economies.

Spring is nigh in all but the coldest northern reaches of the United States. That means the snow is gone from T-ball fields, and the players will soon be throwing and hitting and running the bases.

합격과 불합격
Naturally, we all want to do well in school and life. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. So, today we are going to talk about both.

Michael: I can take your car apart and put it back together if you would like? Jen: Oh wow! Wow! So you are a mechanic too right?

설탕 음료는 줄여야
A new study shows that replacing one sugary drink a day with water can help a person lose weight and improve their health.

데이 케어
Some parents leave their children with family members, neighbors or friends. Or, they may employ a nanny. This person is a trained care-giver who either lives in the family’s home or comes to work at the house every day.

전통 게임에 신기술 접목시키기
Space travel, survival trips and flying through the air are all experiences people can have at a new kind of entertainment business in Los Angeles, California.

Is that supposed to surprise us? Of course people hate Monday. It's the first day back at work after a weekend of relaxation or fun, time to oneself, maybe a little extra sleep.

언어와 두뇌
A new study of the brain is helping scientists better understand how humans process language. The study is being done in San Diego, Boston and New York.

I want to study the modern powwow. 나는 현대, powwow에 대해 공부하고 싶습니다. I’ve never been to a powwow. 나는 powwow 행사에 한번도 가 본 적이 없습니다. What is powwow? Powwow가 뭔가요?

Pew researchers found that 32 percent of 18-to-34-year-old Americans lived at their parents’ home in 2014. That is the highest percentage nationwide since 1940.

Candy comes in many flavors and textures. Some taste like fruit. Some taste like flowers. Some are chewy, like taffy and gum. Hard candies are, well, hard!

해도 될까요?
Jen: Okay. Would it be okay if you do like red green red, or green red green?

아마존 열대우림
Studies have shown that the Amazon takes in as much as 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide a year and releases 20 percent of Earth’s oxygen.

A majority of the artists that work with Art Block DC come from the graffiti community, so it's about building opportunities for the graffiti writers to have a path towards public service through creating these murals.

특별히 잘 챙겨줘서 고마워
I want to thank you for being so hospitable to my cousins the other day. Even though it was a busy week for you at the office, you really went out of your way for them.

Most dictionaries say the term "eighty-six" comes from employees in the restaurant industry. It means the restaurant has sold out of something.

코요테 모피
The popularity of winter clothing made with animal hair has greatly increased the demand for coyote fur.

건축 공예
The sounds of artists at work fill workshops at the American College of the Building Arts in Charleston, South Carolina.

출입제한 주거구역
The fastest-growing type of housing in America is the "gated community." It's a typical cluster of attractive suburban homes along streets with cheery names like "Butterfly Lane."