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자동차 디자인의 중심지
Californians love their cars, as they have since the automobile was introduced more than a century ago. Today the region is home to more than a dozen design shops where new concepts are explored.

귀찮은 일이야
Jen: George, it seems like you have a big list of ‘Back to School’ items for your kids. George: This is my first year doing it. My wife usually does it so yes…it is a hassle for me.

중국과 인도
China is the world's most populous country with one point three billion people, just ahead of India, with one point one billion people.

몸이 안 좋다
Jackie: Are you okay? Lin: Um, not really. I think I’m a little bit under the weather.

Today, we discuss a popular and common food -- eggs! People who like eggs think they are egg-xecllent (excellent)!

머피의 법칙
Murphy’s Law is an American expression whose meaning spread around the world. Murphy’s Law says: "Everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong."

이탈리아의 백송로버섯
In and around the town of Alba, the most prized truffle -- a white one -- can sell for two times the price of gold.

좋아하는 것 같아
I think Eddie has a thing for Sabrina. Why do you say that?

작은 독립 서점
Small, independent bookstores in neighborhoods across the United States are places to discover new books and make friends.

너무 깨끗이 청소해도
Researchers have noted that people in industrialized countries have more allergies and a higher incidence of asthma than do people from less developed countries with lower hygiene standards.

In American English, guilt or sadness is often expressed by the symbol of ashes -- the gray matter left over from a fire.

For some parents, spanking a child who misbehaves is a common punishment. In fact, they may think that a physical type of punishment is good for children.

전기 스쿠터
Electric scooters are everywhere in cities across the United States. They are one of the most popular forms of shared transportation.

지칠 때까지 쇼핑하자
Hey, make sure you wear comfortable shoes today, ok? Ok…but why?

시대 변화에 맞춰 살아야지
I’m finally getting a smartphone tomorrow. Finally! Everyone has a smartphone now so it’s time for you to get with the program.

Personal or working relationships can be damaged if you shout at other people or get angry with someone.

화나게 하다
What’s wrong? You seem ticked off. I am! Justin keeps pulling pranks on me and it really ticks me off.

주인의 스트레스를 느끼는 개
When dog owners experience a long period of stress, they are not alone in feeling the pressure. Their dogs feel it, too.


Now, most countries around the world have some sort of bread in their food culture.

업무 중 아니면 노는 중
American employers have long been nervous about the mix of work and play on the Internet.