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Wait, why are you drinking a soda? I thought you said you’re not drinking sodas anymore.
But these days, you don't have to be a celebrity like pop singer Britney Spears to realize that the right to privacy is no longer assured. Technology enables others to snoop in our computers, bank accounts, and our very homes.
In the past, a majority of American college students were men. As a result, men held higher paying jobs than women. For most families, the husband was the top earner.
Laura Kahn loves to cook. "I am making a zucchini potato frittata." But this week she is cooking for herself and her husband on about $4 each per day. That's the average government food aid benefit.
I got an email from John this morning. He wants us to come over for dinner tomorrow. Speaking of which, did you know he is moving to Florida?
The truck recently transported a full load of Budweiser beer in the western state of Colorado. The vehicle drove without the assistance of a driver for most of the 190-kilometer trip without problems.
Some critics blame doctors who are generally paid for individual services and thus have an incentive to perform too many procedures. But physicians argue that they are forced to perform many preventive procedures to protect themselves against malpractice law suits.
My new neighbor is driving me crazy. She keeps coming over to my apartment uninvited. And then she will not leave!
Medical experts say the most effective way to prevent the spread of disease is for people to wash their hands with soap and water.
It wasn't so long ago, when someone was mowing the lawn with an old-style push mower, that you'd hear comments like, "I didn't know they still MADE those things."
Jen! Look out! There’s a speed bump! Oh! You’re right! I’ll slow down. Phew! Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t even see it.
What is your first language? French? Chinese? Russian? Or English? How about none of the above? The first language of all humans is touch.
In a recent Chicago Tribune newspaper column, Mary Schmich makes a provocative, politically correct point. She writes, "People are entitled to be called what they want to be called."
I’m gonna need help organizing all these packages coming in. If I don’t stay on top of it, I’m going to lose track of which packages came from who.
Now Americans are on the move again, often out of cities into adjacent suburbs and far into the countryside to distant subdivisions and booming regional cities.
Sorry I called you up in the middle of the night to take me to the hospital. There is nothing to be sorry about! I’m glad you called me.
Today, Spanish is the second most common language used in the United States, after English. Experts say the reason is because many Spanish-speaking people have moved to the United States to live.
By now, you've probably heard of blogs, or Web logs - personal stories and other meanderings about the news of the day or anything else a blogger feels like writing about.
Pawn shops are businesses where people bring their possessions to sell or to get a short-term loan. The United States has about ten thousand of them. In the past few years, pawn shops have been doing business with more people than ever before.
Today let’s talk about … everything. American English has many ways to talk about everything under the sun. Cradle to grave means an entire life cycle.