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Mickey Wilson set out to have fun skiing on a Colorado mountain. But he wound up saving a man’s life.
The only downside is commuting. The commute from my apartment to work is very long. 단 한가지 안 좋은 점이 있다면 출퇴근 하는 거야. 집에서 회사까지 출퇴근하는데 너무 오래 걸리거든.
How can we be individualistic and networked at the same time? You need other people for networks.
People around the world know and enjoy the chocolate candy from the Hershey Company. Company officials say they export Hershey's products to more than ninety countries.
Today, we talk about a famous character from a classic Disney fairy tale -- Cinderella. In American English, Cinderella’s story gives us several expressions.
In the days when America was mostly an agricultural nation, the first thing a farmer built after he bought a new spread was not a farmhouse but a barn.
Many children spend a lot of time watching or playing with electronic media -- from televisions to video games, computers and other devices.
Today we talk about expressions related to the biggest contest in the United States -- the election of the American president.
Why is Tony still calling you? It’s because he can’t take a hint.
Nam June Paik is widely considered one of the first video artists. Today, video art is a rich and popular field in modern art. But in the nineteen sixties, the use of television and television images to make art was very new and revolutionary.
I haven’t talked to Erica for about 3 weeks. So that means you’re not dating Erica anymore.
If you know how to study a glass of wine, it can tell you about its history. Studying a wine involves using several senses, not just taste.
Experts have long said that one of the major required abilities of attending college in the United States is speaking English well. Many times, foreign students have earned high scores on the TOEFL but...
Sometimes we talk about a very simple term -- like the word “take.” But "take" is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, the Oxford English Dictionary calls it one of the “elemental words of the English language.”
What’s wrong? Ugh! I don’t think I can continue to run my small business anymore. There are too many obstacles and I just want to give up.
English learners face a common problem: their writing often lacks clarity and cohesion. That is according to Babi Kruchin and Alan Kennedy who teach at the American Language Program at Columbia University.
TV dramas like Jewel in the Palace are part of what's being called the Korean Wave: dramas, movies and pop music from South Korea that have swept across the Hawaiian Islands and are starting to catch on, on the U.S. mainland.
Are you ready for our first soccer game next week. Actually, I’m not. I sprained my ankle yesterday so I will not be able to participate.
Alice, did you drop off my dress at the dry cleaners? Oh right! Sorry, I was busy doing something else that dropping off your dress at the dry cleaners fell through the cracks.
It’s lunchtime. What should we eat? Let’s eat pizza! No. I eat that almost everyday.