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보이지 않는 울타리
Let's talk about dogs and fences and cattle! More Americans have dogs than have fences, which is why somebody invented so-called invisible fences.

어떤 지하철 노선을 타야 되나요?
Excuse me, sir. I’m trying to go to the White House. Which subway line should I take? 실례합니다. 지금 제가 백악관을 가려고 하는데요, 어떤 지하철 노선을 타야 되나요?

번지 점프
Imagine standing at the edge of a tall bridge. Hundreds of meters below you, river water rushes by. You take a deep breath and jump off the bridge, head first into thin air.

세심한 관리가 필요한
Jen: Wait, so June, you got to tell me. Do you think you are high maintenance?

심금을 울리다
In its most general definition, to strike a chord means something relates to you somehow.

It wasn't so long ago, when someone was mowing the lawn with an old-style push mower, that you'd hear comments like, "I didn't know they still MADE those things."

You really need to stop bothering me. You’re getting on my nerves. So cut it out! Come on, it’s just for fun.

내 머리로는 이해가 안 가
Hey, can you explain how you got the answer to that math problem? I don’t understand how you solved it? It went right over my head.

너 좋을 대로
Hey Mike, let’s go watch a movie tonight. I’d love to! Should we watch a comedy movie or an action movie?

사람이 매우 까다로워
Did you get a chance to review my presentation? How does it look? Yes, I did. It looks great to me, but keep in mind that our new boss is very picky so double check that you have exactly what he wants.

가상현실을 이용한 수술 준비
Felicia Luna had a really bad headache. She said the painful pressure felt “like someone was squeezing my head really tight.”

기운을 내
What’s going on with you? You’ve been angry the whole day. That’s not like you so snap out of it.

잘 지내니?
Cathy: What’s up? How are you? Sam: I am doing fine, thanks.

약간의 운동도 유익해
Exercise is good for us. It reduces the risks of dying from all causes, including cancer and heart disease. This is according to the World Health Organization.

회전 관람차
An amusement park ride invented more than one hundred years ago is becoming popular again. Cities all over the world are building new kinds of Ferris wheels.

패션 디자인
While designers and their models can make high fashion seem effortless on the showroom runways, success in the global fashion industry also depends on practical skills and hard work.

I heard you were out really late with Tom. Yes I was and my wife wasn’t too happy. I was walking on eggshells trying to explain to her why I came home that late.

Hey! You should apply for the teaching position at the new elementary school. I think you’re cut out for that job because you’ve taught children before.

약속을 어기다
You flaked out on me yesterday. We were supposed to have lunch together!

성공한 사람의 5가지 습관
Having success and being able to meet one’s goals requires knowledge, a sense of direction, hard work and resources.