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There is one natural event that many people want to experience during their lifetime -- an eclipse!
But we must finish our discussion before noon. 그러나, 우리는 정오 전까지 토론을 끝내야 합니다. Let’s start with Martin’s idea first. 먼저, 마틴씨의 의견부터 들어봅시다. Martin, go ahead. 마틴씨, 시작하세요.
In the United States, a company is working on a project that could change the way we think about public transportation. Its planned system would move people around in steel tubes.
Speaking of toes, let’s talk about them for a minute. Like the rest of our feet, they spend all day stuck inside socks and shoes.
Wait a minute! I have a buy one get one half off coupon. 잠깐만요! 저 하나 사면 다른 하나 반값에 해주는 할인 쿠폰 있어요.
Hey, Jen. Can you help me put this bookshelf together? Right now? Yes, right now. Sorry I can’t. I’m in the middle of cooking.
In the early nineteen fifties, researchers found that people scored lower on intelligence tests if they spoke more than one language. Research in the sixties found the opposite. Bilingual people scored higher than monolinguals, people who speak only one language. So which is it?
Today, we are going to celebrate the coming of winter with expressions related to cold and ice. And we will do that with a story … a mystery story.
If you want to slow aging, you might want to eat less. Researchers in the United States say eating less can slow the aging process of cells in the body.
Jen: Well, I hope you like the weather so far. So far, so good?
We may not need another study telling us that fruits and vegetables are good for our bodies. But research and studies can help us to understand how foods affect our bodies in good ways and bad.
What’s he wearing around his neck? 그가 목에 차고 있는 것이 뭔가요? Who? 누구요? The one who is eating the taco. 타코를 먹고 있는 사람이요.
Sara: I’m washing my hands. Better safe than sorry right? Jen: Oh yea, that’s true.
People all over the world love sports. Some of us play a sport for fun; some to stay in shape; a few, for the love of the game; and even more play to win.
The traditional Korean paper called Hanji was once famous across Asia for its strength and ability to be used for multiple purposes.
When you look back you are remembering the past. The past is where we keep our memories, our mistakes and our successes.
Jen: I think you stuck through it. I think that’s why you were able to really prove yourself that, “I can handle this”.
Wow, there is a big crowd here. Almost everyone in this town must be here today. I love cherry blossoms. This place has a great cherry blossom festival every year in the spring.
Jason, I heard you’ve hired more people at your company. Yes I did. It’s because I really want to push the envelope on our sales.
Korean-American filmmaker Grace Lee grew up in Columbia, Missouri. There were not many other Asian families in the university town in the Midwestern part of the U.S.