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Today, we are down on the farm! Since the 16th century, the word "farm" has meant "land used for agricultural purposes." But a much older meaning is related to economics.
Here in the United States, there is a saying: “Diversity is the spice of life.” This means that having a nice, healthy mix of people, thoughts, and experiences can make your life more interesting and, well, spicy.
People who want to become medical doctors often study large amounts of biology, chemistry and other science. Some students work for a year or two in a medical or research job...
Whisky has grown popular around the world in the last 10 years. New distilleries are opening, and old distilleries are trying to produce more whisky.
The American Academy of Pediatrics says about forty percent of preschool-age children urinate in their sleep.
A growing number of health clubs around the world offer exercise that allows people to stretch and strengthen their bodies while hanging in the air, often upside down. It is called AntiGravity Yoga.
There are several kinds of citrus fruit. The most common are limes, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and lemons.
He wants to know more about the many jobs listed in small print in the credits at the end of movies. Some of these jobs have funny names -- like boom operator.
The average American throws away about 84 kilos of plastic every year. Much of that ends up in the ocean, according to the marine research group Algalita. Almost half is thrown away after just one use.
If you live in India, chances are you are most interested in pho -- a Vietnamese soup with a light and flavorful liquid base, rice noodles, spices and meat, such as beef or chicken.
Excuse me, sir. I’m trying to go to the White House. Which subway line should I take? 실례합니다. 지금 제가 백악관을 가려고 하는데요, 어떤 지하철 노선을 타야 되나요?
You’re eating kimchi? I thought you didn’t like it at all! I didn’t like it when I first tried it. However after eating it a couple of more times, it has grown on me.
So, what are the keys to solving a mystery? If you said clues, you are right. Clues are pieces of information that help you find an answer.
Being a designer or creative almost becomes like a lifestyle because you're constantly surrounded by challenges and beautiful things and ugly things.
Two women landed in Japan Monday after their rescue from a damaged sailboat floating aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean.
Here, take this gift. What’s this for? It’s because you’ve been going out of your way to help me on this new job. It’s a small gift but it’s a token of my appreciation.
The high-tech company Google has a fleet of self-driving cars. By August, they had logged 480,000 kilometers. Major auto manufacturers in the United States and Europe are also working on the technology for autonomous vehicles.
Getting there is simple. Drive along contry roads and just follow the road signs pointing the way towards these large warehouses tucked into a hillside.
Women who lost their mothers early on in life know how this painful loss can profoundly affect their lives. Many say without a mother's support and mentoring, they had to mature faster than their peers.
The United States is a big country with many, many roads. Many, if not most, Americans depend on motor vehicles to get from place to place.