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꿈의 실현
The “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” is something you really want to have or you really want to achieve.

주가가 내려갔어
Did you hear the news regarding today’s stock market? No I didn’t. It’s headed south again.

Quilting is as much a part of Gee's Bend as the Alabama River that cradles the peninsula on which it sits. So it was only natural that 12-year-old Mary Lee Bendolph asked her mama to teach her how to make quilts.

Giving a presentation can be a scary task. It can be even more worrisome when the presentation is not in your native language. You may forget the English words for what you want to say.

배터리 없는 휴대폰
Researchers have built a cellphone that does not need batteries. They say the phone can send and receive calls using power from radio signals or light.

기분이 우울해
What’s wrong? You seem a little down and sad. Yes, I’m feeling blue. I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about it.

지레짐작하지 마!
I haven’t talked to Erica for about 3 weeks. So that means you’re not dating Erica anymore.

웃음이 최고의 명약
Laughing is one of life’s most simple pleasures. It is free. You can do it anywhere. And it makes you feel good!

비행기 여행의 미래
Major airplane manufacturers are now moving to develop the future of flight with electric planes and personal flying vehicles.

꼬불꼬불한 롬바드 거리
Visitors may soon have to pay as much as $10 to drive down the world-famous Lombard Street in San Francisco, California.

커피 주문하기
Good morning! Welcome to Happy Coffee house. How can I help you? 안녕하세요! Happy 커피 전문점입니다. 어떻게 도와드릴까요? I would like a decaf house coffee please. 디카페 커피 한잔 주세요.

Jason, you need to stop screwing around and get back to work! I’ll get back to work after I finish watching this television show.

디지털 시대의 대학 도서관
Many U.S. colleges and universities are making big changes to their libraries. The schools are finding ways to serve students and to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

The saying “as American as apple pie” describes things that represent the best of American culture. People use this expression when talking about things like blue jeans, baseball and rock-n-roll music.

The human eye is unable to see black holes in space. But telescopes with special tools can help find black holes by seeing how they affect nearby stars.

세심한 관리가 필요한
Jen: Wait, so June, you got to tell me. Do you think you are high maintenance?

좋은 생각입니다
Let’s go inside. 안으로 들어갑시다. It’s quiet inside. 안에는 조용합니다. Good idea. 좋은 생각 입니다. Where are we? 우리가 어디 있는 거죠?

Jen: And once they were 18, they were out of the house? Karen: Oh yes. I just wanted them to be independent and happy on their own.

살빼기 모임
Carole Carson admits she had abused her body for more than 40 years by eating too much, dieting every now and then, and not exercising on a regular basis.

보트 만들기
The art of building small wooden boats is being used to help young, at-risk adults in the United States.