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Pop-culture fads come and go. Experts say they have different shapes and sizes. Yet, they are quite similar in their life cycle. They catch on fast, then quickly fade away.
The most popular way to type a message while holding onto them is to use one's thumbs. And by the millions, over and over again, day and night, Americans are doing just that--checking and sending their e-mails.
American children are spending more and more of their leisure time indoors -- watching TV, playing video games and chatting with friends on line.
Bad teeth can be painful -- and worse. They can even be deadly. Infections of the gums and teeth can release bacteria into the blood system.
"These are the tools that I inherited from my grandfather. Some of them came from my great-great-grandfather's workshop as well." Richard Maxham is making his second violin from scratch at his home.
A “bucket list” is a list of things you want to do before you die. The term “bucket list” comes from an old English expression “kick the bucket.” This idiom is lighthearted way of talking about death.
Slang is a popular, less official and often very current form of language. It is an important part of a living language and is constantly changing as language changes.
In many colder northern countries, poinsettias are a sure sign that Christmas is near. Nearly all sales of this flowering plant come at wintertime.
English learners can improve their ability to use different words by practicing. One way to practice effectively is through repetition -- doing something over and over again.
So I know you’ve been pushing the envelope on your company sales. How has that been coming along?
I’m afraid I must’ve done something to hurt Mary’s feelings. She has been so unfriendly recently to me. I told her I wanted to clear the air, but she turned and walked away from me.
Sixty percent of high schools in the United States now offer college-level work through Advanced Placement courses.
A new report from a British anti-poverty organization says eight men own as much wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion people in the world.
Today, we are going to talk about “autumn.” In half of the world, summer has come to an end. Swimming pools have closed. Children are back in school.
All parents want their child to perform well in school. However, three new studies suggest this may not happen if the child watches too much television.
May I look around the ship? 배를 둘러봐도 됩니까? Look around 둘러보다라는 뜻의 숙어입니다. May I look around the ship?
Ugh, my job is so tedious. I wish I could work in another company.
Growing up, my younger sister used to boss me around. What? Your younger sister used to boss you around? But she is younger than you.
Hey, check this out! Fortune Magazine named Google the number one company to work for in the US! 얘, 이것좀 봐봐! (미국 경제 전문지) 포춘이 구글을 미국 내 최고 직장1위로 선정했대!
Rachel is finally done with her exchange student program in Italy! She’s coming back next weekend and I’m dying to see her.