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평지풍파를 일으키다
Look Jen, everything is fine just the way they are. You don’t need to rock the boat and mess things up.

Today, we talk about a common object that appears in many expressions -- buttons! When we pronounce this word, we often swallow the “t’s” and pronounce, “buttons.”

숨겨진 주방들
The many ways food traditions help create community in this country has inspired a new book called Hidden Kitchens.

어떤 지하철 노선을 타야 되나요?
Excuse me, sir. I’m trying to go to the White House. Which subway line should I take? 실례합니다. 지금 제가 백악관을 가려고 하는데요, 어떤 지하철 노선을 타야 되나요?

웃음이 최고의 명약
Laughing is one of life’s most simple pleasures. It is free. You can do it anywhere. And it makes you feel good!

땅콩 알레르기
Millions of American children are raised on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. PB&Js, as we like to call them, are found in children’s lunchboxes across the country.

12개짜리 한 묶음
On today's show, we talk about the word dozen. By definition, a dozen can mean specifically 12 of anything.

Today we talk about expressions that remind us to be healthy and have a healthy lifestyle.

열심히 일하면 바보인가?
We aspired to levels of wealth and education higher than those of our parents, who often sacrificed to make it so. Comfort and security were the products of hard, honest work over a lifetime.

막다른 길
There were still big, central streets - often wide boulevards. But branching off were nodules called cul-de-sacs, or streets that dead-ended into little traffic circles.

그냥 내 가방에 넣을게요
Jen: I don’t need a bag, I will just stick it in my purse. Cashier: Are you sure? Jen: Uh huh.

Holy smokes! Look at all that traffic! We’re going to be late to the airport! Don’t worry. We won’t be late.

우주 청소기
It may be the world’s most costly vacuum cleaner. The price of CleanSpace One is eleven million dollars. But yet, it has a big job to do. Recently, researchers in Switzerland announced plans to build this new cleaning device.

밤샘 공부
Sleep expert David Earnest often tells college students that a good night’s sleep is important for academic success. Not that they listen to him.

마지막 작품
Today, we hear about a beautiful bird that gives us a rather sad expression. Christopher Jones Cruise brings us that story.

야외 음식 안전한가?
Disease-control officials estimate that about one in six Americans get sick from food each year. One hundred thirty thousand have to go to a hospital for food poisoning.

외로움도 전염된다
A newly-published study has shown that loneliness can spread from one person to another, like a disease.

Forget getting to yes. Camp says No works better, both at the office and at home. If you don't believe No will help you get what you want, he points out, just watch a three-year-old obstinately repeat No . . . No . . . No, over and over again.

벌컥 화내다
Hey, Alice! How was the baseball game last night? It was a company outing right? Oh man! I flipped out as soon as we got to the stadium.

인공 팔
Accidents in which people lose an arm or leg often take place in communities with large numbers of poor people.