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불쑥 말하다
When the weather outdoors gets warmer, flowers appear and birds become more active. Spring has sprung!

진찰 받기
Come on in, Dan! I’m ready for you. Hello, doctor! What brings you in today? It seems like I have the stomach flu. I’m not able to take in any food.

투명 망토
More than a century ago, English novelist H.G. Wells wrote about The Invisible Man. Ever since then, invisibility has been a staple of science fiction.

What’s he wearing around his neck? 그가 목에 차고 있는 것이 뭔가요? Who? 누구요? The one who is eating the taco. 타코를 먹고 있는 사람이요.

더 록
Alcatraz Island is in the harbor of San Francisco, California. It is best known for being a federal prison, which was also called “The Rock.” It was once the most famous prison in America.

소금은 적게
Even a small reduction in salt in the diet can be a big help to the heart. A new study used a computer model to predict how just three grams less a day would affect heart disease in the United States.

무척 좋아하다
Jen: Caroline, you were telling me that you got your niece, or you got some necklaces for your niece last year.


A tailor makes men’s clothing. When a tailor goes to work, he or she first takes measurements. The tailor then makes clothing for just that individual, not a group of people. We call that kind of clothing tailor-made.

In the United States, a company is working on a project that could change the way we think about public transportation. Its planned system would move people around in steel tubes.

화면 보는 시간
Many children spend a lot of time watching or playing with electronic media -- from televisions to video games, computers and other devices.

꿈같은 얘기로군
Kevin: Yeah, It was huge! Martin: In your dreams! There’s no way you caught a fish that big!

천연비누 만들기
While washing your hands have you ever wondered what materials are in a bar of soap and why it cleans? Today we answer that question with a visit to a soap maker at her home in Falls Church, Virginia near Washington.

공개 연설
Students in American schools learn from an early age to give presentations as part of their regular classroom activities. Children as young as five years old often give brief talks about objects they bring in to school - called “show and tell,” this training is a basis for later public speaking.

연락 드리려면 어떻게 하면 될까요?
It has really been a pleasure meeting you, Mary. It was very nice meeting you, too, Tom. Let’s keep in touch.

씹을 때 심한 통증이 있어요
Every time I eat or drink something hot or cold, I feel a momentary twinge. I also feel a sharp pain when I bite down. 뜨겁거나 찬 것을 먹을 때마다 이가 시큰거려요. 무엇인가를 씹을 때 심한 통증이 있고요..

마지막 작품
Today, we hear about a beautiful bird that gives us a rather sad expression. Christopher Jones Cruise brings us that story.

경종을 울리다
My car ran out of fuel and I’m stuck in the middle of the road. Can you come help me?

무소식이 희소식이지
I wonder if Victor is adjusting well to his new job. No news is good news. I’m pretty sure he is doing well.

연락을 취하다
Hey Jason, I tried to get in touch with you yesterday, but I couldn’t.

꿈의 실현
The “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” is something you really want to have or you really want to achieve.