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그건 불가능하지
Hey, do you think we can go to Hillary’s house within an hour? Jen: With this kind of traffic, that’s out of the question.

대학 진학 가이드
Many teenagers returning to high school or secondary school this year have started making plans to go to college. But the college application process is so tedious and complex that many other teens will ignore the whole process.

하룻밤 자며 생각하다
So are you going to sell your car or not? Well, I haven’t made a decision yet. I will need to sleep on it.

부상하는 세계의 명소 10
The travel website TripAdvisor used traveler reviews to choose its top 10 World Destinations on the Rise. The list represents 10 cities that saw the biggest increase in positive traveler reviews in the past year.

3D 음식 메뉴
The company offers menu items in augmented reality. The technology places computer-generated images into the user's view of the real world.

Erica: How are you? I haven't seen you for a few years! Robert: I'm doing great! It's been ages since we've talked, hasn't it?

고양이와 사람
A new study has found that cats can connect with people in the same way as dogs and children.

세계의 아침식사
Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Some people love it! They look forward to breaking their nighttime fast with a big meal.

캐번디시 바나나
A disease that threatens the world’s most popular fruit -- the banana -- has arrived in Latin America.

너무 놀라서 얼어붙은
Today we talk about an animal found in many parts of the United States -- deer.

숨 돌리는 곳
If you are feeling nervous or stressed, a simple thing can help. A deep breath.

태양광 전기로 운영되는 공항
People flying into India’s southern city of Cochin may see numerous solar panels around Cochin International Airport.

비와 구름
I'm sure that most of you have heard the expression "raining cats and dogs." We use it when it is raining very, very hard. In other words, when it is pouring!

마스크 데이트
Speed dating is an efficient way for single people hoping to find romance to meet a number of other single people at once.

Bees make honey in their homes, known as hives, and beekeepers make money selling that honey.

Holy smokes! Look at all that traffic! We’re going to be late to the airport! Don’t worry. We won’t be late.

비엣케이즌 음식
Cajun culture is celebrated in areas along America’s Gulf Coast, the southern coastline that borders the Gulf of Mexico.

Can you tell me how far the library is from here? It’s not very far, “as the crow flies,” but if you are driving there you will have to take a detour as certain roads are closed for construction.

디지털 교과서
Association spokesman Charles Schmidt says electronic textbooks now represent just two to three percent of sales. But he says that is expected to reach ten to fifteen percent by two thousand twelve.

샐러드용 빵조각, 크루톤
Many quick-service restaurants, including McDonald's and Burger King and Denny's, serve salads - prepackaged, delivered by a server, or available from a salad bar. And uncounted millions of the croutons that top those salads come from a single factory in Chicago.