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In France, a man walks on what can only be described as a human-sized hamster wheel. The wheel moves around and around, as the man keeps walking. What is he doing?
Students often study listening comprehension in less than interesting, even boring ways, he adds. Transcription, however, provides a fun way to improve one’s listening skills.
"Helicopter parenting" describes a style of raising children where parents are over-protective and do too much.
An estimated nine million people rock climb in the United States. Millions more take part in the activity around the world. Some do it just for personal satisfaction. Others compete. Rock climbing can be dangerous.
English learners face a common problem: their writing often lacks clarity and cohesion. That is according to Babi Kruchin and Alan Kennedy who teach at the American Language Program at Columbia University.
I’m afraid I must’ve done something to hurt Mary’s feelings. She has been so unfriendly recently to me. I told her I wanted to clear the air, but she turned and walked away from me.
The Bush administration recently introduced legislation to strengthen intellectual property rights enforcement and impose stiffer prison sentences against those convicted of certain types of counterfeiting.
Hurricanes are the most powerful storms in the Earth’s atmosphere. The storms have different names depending on where they take place.
The company is calling its new plane the Seven Eighty-Seven Dreamliner. The plane is Boeing's first new jet since nineteen ninety-five. The Seven Eighty-Seven is designed to travel great distances.
Many use dating websites in hopes of finding that special someone. But there are some people who want nothing more than to trick singles, using their desire for a loving relationship to get their money.
At the end of part two, our four travelers had gone on a treasure hunt. They followed clues and searched the castle. But as they gather by the fire to tell what they found, no one is happy.
Can you keep an eye on my computer while I use the restroom? Sure, no problem. I’ll keep an eye on it.
Let's talk about dogs and fences and cattle! More Americans have dogs than have fences, which is why somebody invented so-called invisible fences.
Excuse me, sir. I’m trying to go to the White House. Which subway line should I take? 실례합니다. 지금 제가 백악관을 가려고 하는데요, 어떤 지하철 노선을 타야 되나요?
Hey, thanks for coming! No problem! Thank you for inviting me to your house warming party.
Living among trees, plants and flowers can fill your life with beauty. And if you are a woman, it can also help you live longer.
When Sharon and Gene Ward’s van started making strange noises, the Virginia couple panicked. “Our car started to sound like a million crickets chirping. And we had taken it to a place down in Manassas and we told the person that we are on a limited income."
It's another busy day at Primo Family Restaurant, a popular dining spot in Alexandria, Virginia, for more than 25 years. C.A. Savoy says he doesn't like the atmosphere or food at the chain restaurants.
Jen: Hi Rebecca, I’m walking with you…I’m power walking with you. Do you power walk and jog around the National Mall often?
Today we talk about a part of our body that is usually very busy -- our feet! Feet help us walk, run, dance, and jump. The words feet and foot are also used in everyday speech.