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Hey, thanks for coming! No problem! Thank you for inviting me to your house warming party.
Netflix is the world’s largest online movie rental service. It started in nineteen ninety-eight. It now has ten million paying members in the United States.
Flip-flop shoes have become very popular in the United States, mostly among young people.
You could fill a store with all the energy drinks now available. They promise to make people feel more energetic and think more clearly.
Experts have long said that one of the major required abilities of attending college in the United States is speaking English well. Many times, foreign students have earned high scores on the TOEFL but...
English learners can improve their ability to use different words by practicing. One way to practice effectively is through repetition -- doing something over and over again.
China has launched the first satellite using quantum technology to send communications back to earth. Quantum technology will make these communications safe from hackers.
Wait, why are you drinking a soda? I thought you said you’re not drinking sodas anymore.
So are you going to sell your car or not? Well, I haven’t made a decision yet. I will need to sleep on it.
To some people, they are nothing more than a harmless treat or a guilty pleasure to enjoy from time to time. To others, they are enemies of the public health in a time of what the World Health Organization calls a "global obesity epidemic."
I think I should ask Lisa to babysit my daughter for a few days. Well, bear in mind that Lisa has never done that before.
Restaurant chefs, home cooks, and foodies -- people who love good food -- often say that we eat with all of our senses.
Low back pain is one of the most common complaints among adults around the world. Researcher Sangwoo Tak from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell set out to look at how often it affects workers.
I’m here to open a student bank account. 학생용 계좌를 개설하려고요. You are in the right place. With this account, there is no minimum balance. 잘 오셨어요. 저희 학생용 계좌는 최소 잔고 유지 조건이 없어요.
The sea is on the border of Israel and Jordan. It is the lowest place on Earth meaning its surface is farther below sea level than any other place.
Their hope is to take advantage of an expected shortage of materials, such as cobalt and lithium, when sales of electric cars start rising.
If you sit for many hours a day in a traditional office job, you may be interested in a new study. This study suggests that you should get an hour of “brisk exercise” every day.
Baby talk. It is how many adults speak to babies: slowly, using shorter sentences, talking at a higher pitch, and putting more emphasis on certain vowels.
Jen: But still you guys get the four seasons without humidity. That’s the place to be!
It can be said that the United States is a driving culture. The U.S., after all, is a big country and many Americans love cars. So, it is no surprise that many American English expressions come from the world of driving.