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정신 나갔니?
I just got two tickets to see Paul McCartney in concert. Want to go with me? Oh my gosh, that would be so cool! How much were the tickets?

나쁜 인상을 남기다
Joe: Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Lauren: I know. The whole thing left a really bad taste in my mouth.

음식물 쓰레기
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that one-third of the world’s food is wasted every year.

목재 건물
Wood has been an important building material for homes and other structures in many areas since ancient times. Modern tall buildings, however, are made out of man-made products, such as steel, concrete and glass.

연락 드리려면 어떻게 하면 될까요?
It has really been a pleasure meeting you, Mary. It was very nice meeting you, too, Tom. Let’s keep in touch.

전기 절약
My utility bill is ridiculously high this month! What should I do to lower my bill? Is it your electricity or water bill? My electricity.

책 만드는 사람들
For the book lovers who gathered at the university library for the exhibit opening, modern digital storage devices have little appeal.

교통 문제
Many big cities in the United States have serious traffic problems. Too many cars travel on the freeways to and from the city. This heavy traffic causes delays and lots of pollution from cars that are using their engines but not moving anywhere.

뇌도 운동이 필요해
Immediately after training, individuals who were trained on memory or individuals who were trained on reasoning or speed showed significantly higher performance than those who received no training.

추울 때는 COLD를 생각하세요
Winter in many places means ice skating, sledding and snowball fights. But unless someone is prepared, outdoor fun can also mean frostbite and hypothermia. Today we talk about how to stay warm, dry and safe.

The Big Mac has been one of the most popular and best-selling items in the company’s history. It is known for being bigger than a usual hamburger.

일류대학 들어가기
College admissions officers give a number of reasons for the higher rates of rejection letters this year. They say the main reason is that high school seniors are applying to more schools than in the past.

뉴욕 그랜드 센트럴 터미널
The huge building has not changed much since it opened in February, 1913. About 750,000 people pass through Grand Central every day. Some just come to look at it, others to visit the stores. But most are there to catch the trains that enter and leave from the station.

단정해 보인다
Jen: No actually, just a casual Friday. Ashley: Well, you look very put together.

Today, we are down on the farm! Since the 16th century, the word "farm" has meant "land used for agricultural purposes." But a much older meaning is related to economics.

몸매를 되찾아야 해
Uh oh~ You better get back in shape. You’ve gained a lot of weight since having our two children. 오~오~ 그럼 당신 예전 몸매를 되찾기 위해 노력 좀 해야겠네~ 애들 둘 낳고 나서 당신 살 많이 쪘잖아.

두번째 인생
Second Life is a three-dimensional, online world in which computer users can create a new self and live a different life. Second Life is one of the most popular new online games...

즉시 갈게
Hey Mike, if I ever need help, can I call you? Of course you can call me! I can come at the drop of a hat.

단어 학습법
English learners can improve their ability to remember words by making connections to what they already know.

결혼의 경제학
In the past, a majority of American college students were men. As a result, men held higher paying jobs than women. For most families, the husband was the top earner.