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I’m just here to do a little research before purchasing an iPad. 아이패드 구입하기 전에 이것 저것 좀 알아보려고요.
The human eye is unable to see black holes in space. But telescopes with special tools can help find black holes by seeing how they affect nearby stars.
My car ran out of fuel and I’m stuck in the middle of the road. Can you come help me?
Megan: We’re actually moving and so we’re just doing, like, a little vacation before we move. Yeah, we’re moving to New Mexico. So kind of having a fun time.
Hey, Jen. Can you help me put this bookshelf together? Right now? Yes, right now. Sorry I can’t. I’m in the middle of cooking.
The children of Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin of Switzerland finally might find out what happened to their parents 75 years ago.
An international study of more than 13,000 adults found that many people say modern technology has affected relations with their partner.
Hey, a few of my friends are planning a trip to Hawaii next summer. Do you want to join us? I’d love to but I can’t. I’m broke.
The beautiful view of millions of stars punctuating the night blackness is becoming a sight of the past for many, unless we are willing to travel to rural areas.
Alice, did you drop off my dress at the dry cleaners? Oh right! Sorry, I was busy doing something else that dropping off your dress at the dry cleaners fell through the cracks.
Hey, do you mind if I borrow your car to pick up Katie from the airport? Sure, go ahead. Knock yourself out.
If you are not making as much progress as you'd hoped, you are not alone. You may be surprised to know that a number of teachers do not know how to effectively teach this skill.
A dentist usually treats a cavity by removing the damaged part of the tooth. Then they fill the hole with porcelain or a combination of silver and other metals.
The European Space Agency or ESA has plans to build a permanent base on the moon. The Space Station already permanently orbits the earth.
Jen: I don’t need a bag, I will just stick it in my purse. Cashier: Are you sure? Jen: Uh huh.
"Spilling the beans" when you communicate with others is also a bad thing. When you spill the beans, you share or make public secret information.
In France, a man walks on what can only be described as a human-sized hamster wheel. The wheel moves around and around, as the man keeps walking. What is he doing?
You flaked out on me yesterday. We were supposed to have lunch together!
When temperatures rise, many people swim to beat the heat. But swimming does a lot more than give relief from hot weather. It is a great workout for the whole body.
More than a billion people speak some dialect of Chinese. Millions of them live outside China. It's easy to find schools that offer Chinese language courses. But...