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폐기 타이어는 어디로?
They burn old tires from Western countries. The air is sometimes thick with smoke and the soil black with soot.

더 나은 옷
American English has many expressions related to clothes. Two of the more common ones are: “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have”; and, simply, “Dress for success.”

There is one natural event that many people want to experience during their lifetime -- an eclipse!

Today we will talk about some of the most overused romantic sayings in the English language.

쇼핑의 미래
These days, shopping often involves an Internet connection and a laptop or smartphone. However, businesses are now trying to use new technology, such as 3D printing and augmented reality, to bring customers back into stores.

비가 억수같이 쏟아진다
James: I’d better call Kevin to cancel. Jen: Yes, it’s raining cats and dogs! Maybe we can reschedule.

마음을 졸이다
Hey, how did you do on your test? Did you pass? I think I did okay. But I won’t find out the results until next week.

심장 혈관의 칼슘 수치
A new study suggests that even small amounts of calcium in the arteries of young people can predict a heart attack or death within 12 years.

무리하지 마세요
Hey, I think I’m overdoing the workout routine during the basketball practice. My knees have been in a lot of pain these days.

We try really hard to make this program special! But not everything can be special all the time. In fact, many things are just average or normal.

선물에 대해 흠을 잡지 말라
While holidays are celebrated in different ways, many have something in common -- gift-giving! And who doesn't like to get a present.

바이올린 제작자
"These are the tools that I inherited from my grandfather. Some of them came from my great-great-grandfather's workshop as well." Richard Maxham is making his second violin from scratch at his home.

빠르면 빠를수록 좋아
I just got word from the boss that the marketing proposal needs to be in by next week Monday. We should get started on it as soon as possible.

몸매를 되찾아야 해
Uh oh~ You better get back in shape. You’ve gained a lot of weight since having our two children. 오~오~ 그럼 당신 예전 몸매를 되찾기 위해 노력 좀 해야겠네~ 애들 둘 낳고 나서 당신 살 많이 쪘잖아.

The most common definition of a corner is where two lines, edges, or sides of something meet. For example, squares have four corners. And unless they are round, rooms have corners.

열심히 일하면 바보인가?
We aspired to levels of wealth and education higher than those of our parents, who often sacrificed to make it so. Comfort and security were the products of hard, honest work over a lifetime.

건강에 좋은 향신료
Here in the United States, there is a saying: “Diversity is the spice of life.” This means that having a nice, healthy mix of people, thoughts, and experiences can make your life more interesting and, well, spicy.

점점 좋아지다
You’re eating kimchi? I thought you didn’t like it at all! I didn’t like it when I first tried it. However after eating it a couple of more times, it has grown on me.

너무 마른 패션 모델 퇴출
Two of the world's biggest luxury goods companies will stop working with fashion models that are too thin.

관계가 있다
Jen: What do you look forward to the most in the month of October?