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Hi ! I’m looking for a smart phone with the latest features. 안녕하세요! 가장 최신 식 기능이 있는 스마트 폰 좀 보여주세요. You’ve come to the right place! 제대로 찾아 오셨네요.
Experts say one of the most important technologies of the future is drones. Drones are flying devices with no pilot.
Some people enjoy the water sport of surfing. Many others enjoy watching those surfers riding the waves. And still others enjoy watching when dogs ride the waves.
"These are the tools that I inherited from my grandfather. Some of them came from my great-great-grandfather's workshop as well." Richard Maxham is making his second violin from scratch at his home.
The Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois, is the tallest office building in the United States. It was built between nineteen seventy and nineteen seventy-four. For more than twenty years, it was the tallest building in the world.
Uyghurs are an ethnic group in Central Asia. About 10 million of them live in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China, a huge area in the northwestern part of the country.
Murphy’s Law is an American expression whose meaning spread around the world. Murphy’s Law says: "Everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong."
The travel website TripAdvisor has named Cambodia’s ancient Angkor Wat as the top landmark in the world.
We meet an extreme hiker. He recently completed a more than seven thousand kilometer exploration of the state of Alaska and Canada’s Yukon territory.
I heard you were out really late with Tom. Yes I was and my wife wasn’t too happy. I was walking on eggshells trying to explain to her why I came home that late.
Depending on where you live, you might enjoy playing in ocean waves or visiting a beach along a peaceful lake or river.
Oh man, this computer software is a little complicated to use. I know, it was the same for me too, but don’t worry.
Hey, I heard you had an embarrassing situation on your first date with Carol. Do you really have to bring that up in front of everyone right now? Let’s please change the subject.
At the Aquarium of the Pacific in California, the penguins have something in common with bird keeper Sara Mandel's cats. Both animals like games on a tablet computer.
Many use dating websites in hopes of finding that special someone. But there are some people who want nothing more than to trick singles, using their desire for a loving relationship to get their money.
One of the multi-billion-dollar financial service companies that has survived the corporate mergers of recent years is Wells Fargo Bank. It mushroomed from a regional institution based in San Francisco, California.
The coast of Canada’s Newfoundland is commonly called “Iceberg Alley.” An iceberg is a large piece of ice floating in the ocean. Between May and July, hundreds of icebergs float through these waters.
There are so many expressions in American English that sound pleasant but are not. “Face the music” is a good example. When someone says they have to “face the music,” it does not mean they are going to a musical performance or concert.
“Eureka” is a kind of interjection. Interjections are the quick, short words or sounds we cry out when we are feeling intense emotion. They can express pain, surprise, anger or joy. These kinds of words also are called exclamations.
I thought Lisa’s speech was going to be aggressive but it was watered down! It was watered down? How so?