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옷과 환경오염
Very small pieces of plastic, called microfibers, are polluting rivers and oceans. The source of these microfibers may surprise you: your clothes.

If you are in any major city in America, the chances are high that you are not far from a Starbucks. In fact, you might be very close to several of these coffee stores.

회복할 거야
Did you hear about Charles and Henry’s car accident? Yes, I did. It’s so unfortunate. Are they still in the hospital?

새 여권
The United States has begun providing new, electronic passports for its citizens. State Department officials say the new passports are designed to improve border security and travel.

Insects -- or bugs as we generally call them -- are of course necessary in the natural environment.

뉴욕 그랜드 센트럴 터미널
The huge building has not changed much since it opened in February, 1913. About 750,000 people pass through Grand Central every day. Some just come to look at it, others to visit the stores. But most are there to catch the trains that enter and leave from the station.

자동차 블랙박스
More than two-thirds of the new cars - foreign and domestic - sold in the United States this year will be equipped with so-called black boxes. In fact, about a third of all the vehicles on the American road today have such devices.

심장 혈관의 칼슘 수치
A new study suggests that even small amounts of calcium in the arteries of young people can predict a heart attack or death within 12 years.

스마트폰 중독
About half of teenagers in the United States and Japan say they are “addicted” to their smartphones.

학급의 익살꾼
Hey, do you remember Charles from high school? Oh yes, of course! He was the class clown in our 10th grade class.

커피로 런던 버스를 움직인다
Britain has long been known for its love of tea, but people in London also drink a lot of coffee. In fact, the average Londoner reportedly drinks 2.3 cups of coffee every day.

어느 서점의 성공 비밀
Getting there is simple. Drive along contry roads and just follow the road signs pointing the way towards these large warehouses tucked into a hillside.

해서는 안된다
James: Oh, I used to have a D.C. Driver’s license and I loved it because they let me smile in the picture!

통곡물 제빵
His bakery, Seylou, is different from most bakeries around the country. Bakers there grind whole grains in their own mill. They also buy their grains from local farmers.

발을 들여놓다
Jen: You know, a lot of people come into DC as someone who is fresh out of college or fresh out of grad (graduate) school even…to get their foot in the door right?

할 일이 산더미이다
Jen: You’re here with your friends and it seems like you have a really full plate on you today?

어느 우크라이나 커플
A Ukrainian couple who grew tired of arguing are trying to repair their relationship by tying their hands together for three months.

사돈 남 나무라네
I wish Terry would be on time for once. Look who’s talking!

최후의 수단을 쓰다
We have all had to choose from leftovers that no one else wanted. In other words, we had to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

두고 보면 알 거야
Hey, since you’ll be going to the grocery store later, can you pick up four dozen eggs for me?