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영화 속의 빈티지 자동차
Our colleague liked the movie, particularly its use of authentic, but beat-up, old automobiles that we call "jalopies."

전원 관광
Smithfield Farm raises pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens. The animals are one of the main reasons tourists like Nancy and Michael McNiff come from nearby Washington, D.C. to spend a weekend.

Erica: How are you? I haven't seen you for a few years! Robert: I'm doing great! It's been ages since we've talked, hasn't it?

골프 컨트리 클럽
One of the time-honored symbols of upper-class success in America is membership in a private country club. Some of these exclusive groups charge as much as $350,000 just to join.

곤경에 처해서
Today we talk about something we’ve all experienced -- getting into trouble.

김치 논쟁
They disagree about the origin of Kimchi, a common Korean food made of cabbage.

애니메이션 팬
Otaku are obsessive fans of comic books, called manga, and cartoon animations, called anime. Japan's biggest-selling manga comic, "Shonen Jump," sells millions of copies each week.

벌컥 화내다
Hey, Alice! How was the baseball game last night? It was a company outing right? Oh man! I flipped out as soon as we got to the stadium.

Small talk. Chitchat. These are the short conversations we have at parties, while we wait in line at the store, at family events or work.

The high-tech company Google has a fleet of self-driving cars. By August, they had logged 480,000 kilometers. Major auto manufacturers in the United States and Europe are also working on the technology for autonomous vehicles.

학급의 익살꾼
Hey, do you remember Charles from high school? Oh yes, of course! He was the class clown in our 10th grade class.

태양 탐사선
The United States space agency will launch a spacecraft to explore the sun more closely than ever before on Saturday.

앉아 있는 시간이 많다면
If you sit for many hours a day in a traditional office job, you may be interested in a new study. This study suggests that you should get an hour of “brisk exercise” every day.

소수 비주류
Today we leave the mainstream -- the majority. We go to the edge of society -- to the lunatic fringe.

You lend money to a borrower who provides collateral of higher value than the loan, and then you earn interest of about 20 percent.

판타지 풋볼
The first thing Nima Vaez-Zadeh does before starting work during American football season is inspect his fantasy football team.

시나리오 작가
They gather in Hollywood coffee shops to read industry publications like Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, and they work on laptop computers.

힘들게 하고 있어
Hey, all of us are going to grab desserts after dinner. You’re coming right? I’d love to but I’ll pass this time.

뉴욕 그랜드 센트럴 터미널
The huge building has not changed much since it opened in February, 1913. About 750,000 people pass through Grand Central every day. Some just come to look at it, others to visit the stores. But most are there to catch the trains that enter and leave from the station.

전성기가 지났어
Hey Alice, we’re short on players for our soccer game this Saturday. Can you and your dad play?