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호박의 효능
There is one food that takes center stage during autumn -- the pumpkin! Many people use this orange gourd as a decoration at Halloween.

건강 추적기의 효과
A new study finds the electronic device probably does not help with weight loss. The study was a project of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.

In the United States April 1 is a day when you need to be a little careful. Why? It is April Fool’s Day so someone might play a practical joke on you -- a harmless trick for fun.

겨우 먹고 살 만큼 벌다
A: Pretty busy, I have been working the second job just to try to make ends meet.

Hey Mike, I know you’re very upset at Charles right now but you need to calm down. How could I? Charles is blaming me for something I haven’t done and he won’t….

There are several kinds of citrus fruit. The most common are limes, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and lemons.

세계를 변화시키는 힘
The World Future Society has published a special report about forces changing the world. It is called "Fifty-three Trends Now Shaping the Future."

이마를 맞대고 상의하다
I give up! All the solutions I’ve come up with are not working. Hey, don’t give up! Kyle and I will help you.

부자와 스트레스
The lives of rich people seem to be getting better and better. Rich people generally have better homes than poor people. They usually have better jobs and better schools for their children, too.

절대 안 된다는 말은 하지 마
Hey, what’s wrong? Is something on your mind? I was just thinking about how I would never get the position that I want at this company. It’s impossible because they are on a hiring freeze for years now.

Every year in the middle of March, one of the world's greatest wildlife migrations stops in central Nebraska.

목재 건물
Wood has been an important building material for homes and other structures in many areas since ancient times. Modern tall buildings, however, are made out of man-made products, such as steel, concrete and glass.

달러 도안
There has been a flurry of Internet traffic flying back and forth about a bit of symbolism on the U.S. dollar bill, of all things.

너에게 달렸어
Melody: I’m not sure. What do you want? Eva: It’s up to you. Whatever you want, we will have.

원격 근무
A technology company based in California’s Silicon Valley is offering its workers money to leave the area.

양자 위성
China has launched the first satellite using quantum technology to send communications back to earth. Quantum technology will make these communications safe from hackers.

휙휙 넘겨보다
Have you read all of my report yet? Well, not carefully. I just thumbed through it quickly while I was eating lunch.

피부 관리
Skin. It is the largest organ of the body. Skin is the body's first barrier to infection. It keeps out many harmful bacteria and other things.

아주 간결하게
Hey, what’s wrong with your car? The engine is not starting. The explanation is long and complicated, but let me put it in a nutshell for you.

영어 발음
Learning a new language is a long, difficult process. This process can become easier if you set goals. Goals help guide language learners and give them reasons to continue studying a language.