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Hey Jason, what’s the score for the basketball game? Well, the home team is still losing by 15 points.
We tell about one of the most recognizable objects in science fiction ? the laser. It is one of the best examples of how technology can go from the science of the future to everyday use in a short period of time.
Not long ago, another colleague was chatting away at the coffee pot when a cookie slipped from his grasp. He calmly reached down, picked it up, gave it a quick brush with his hand, and devoured it.
The only downside is commuting. The commute from my apartment to work is very long. 단 한가지 안 좋은 점이 있다면 출퇴근 하는 거야. 집에서 회사까지 출퇴근하는데 너무 오래 걸리거든.
Did you get home safely and get some rest after the party? I know you stayed behind late last night to help clean up. I got home safely but I didn’t get a good night sleep so I’m feeling a bit off this morning.
But computer science is one area that has seen a drop in female workers during that time. Research suggests the percentage of computing jobs filled by women has fallen from 36 percent to 25 percent since 1991.
This week, we report comments from foreign students in the United States who have experienced the process we have been describing.
So how did the date with Tammy go? It went well. We had a great time. She’s really funny. Plus, she’s very easy on the eyes.
Not long ago, many people believed that babies only wanted food and to be kept warm and dry. Some people thought babies were not able to learn things until they were five or six months old.
There is a saying that advises “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In other words, make the best out of a bad situation. Some people in the Netherlands are taking that advice.
Association spokesman Charles Schmidt says electronic textbooks now represent just two to three percent of sales. But he says that is expected to reach ten to fifteen percent by two thousand twelve.
Parents want their kids to be happy and successful. But some parents want their children to be more. They become controlling and hyperactive, trying to raise perfect kids...
Guess what! I’m going on vacation to Paris! I know. You’ve already told me many times. You know I can’t go so stop rubbing it in my face!
If you don’t mind, can you do me a favor? I don’t mind. What is it?
You could fill a store with all the energy drinks now available. They promise to make people feel more energetic and think more clearly.
Hey, are you feeling any better? Yes, much better. Mike: That’s good to hear. Then let me take you out for some fresh air and grab some lunch outdoors. I just feel like you’ve been stuck and cooped up at home all week from the cold.
Ugh! There is no elbow room in here at all. It’s so crammed and I can hardly even breathe.
Hey, do you think it’s better to buy a used car or a new car? I think it’s better to buy a new car.
Soon cereal companies printed coupons as well. America was hooked, not just on these products, but also on coupons. Newspapers began printing coupons that knocked a few cents, or even a few dollars, off store prices.
Nearly three-quarters of all mothers in the United States today work full or part-time. They all face the challenges of juggling motherhood and work. And they've come up with some innovative solutions for successfully combining a family and a career.