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That was a great dinner! Thank you for inviting me. Thank you for joining me. How much tip should we leave the waiter?
Verizon Street Team: All we do is promotions. So we talk about the tablets, we let you guys play with them, check them out.
Today, we are going on a make-believe trip to the countryside to learn about a word that comes from something used on a farm -- haywire.
If you have been meaning to add more exercise to your daily routine, you may want to start sooner rather than later.
An estimated nine million people rock climb in the United States. Millions more take part in the activity around the world. Some do it just for personal satisfaction. Others compete. Rock climbing can be dangerous.
Hey Keith is picking us up in five minutes so come down soon. Really? I’ll get ready right now.
I’m gonna need help organizing all these packages coming in. If I don’t stay on top of it, I’m going to lose track of which packages came from who.
Hey, I’m looking forward to listening in on your presentation this afternoon. I heard it’s a huge audience! I think around 300 people are attending.
What are you ladies doing to prepare for class that starts real soon? What are you guys doing?
Hey your wife told me that you got a wonderful job offer today. Yes I did but I didn’t decide on taking the job yet. I still need to sleep on it.
Can you believe it? Taxes are increasing again! Yeah, I know but what can you do?
People around the world know and enjoy the chocolate candy from the Hershey Company. Company officials say they export Hershey's products to more than ninety countries.
Hey, Jason. How is your son doing in school? He’s not doing so well. He is always late to class and never turns in his homework.
There are many stories of early settlers of America: the people who moved westward and opened up new territory. Many of these settlers were farmers who wanted a new home, a piece of land, some crops and cattle.
There is a saying that advises “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In other words, make the best out of a bad situation. Some people in the Netherlands are taking that advice.
Two women landed in Japan Monday after their rescue from a damaged sailboat floating aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean.
Jen: Aww! They chipped in and paid the rent for you?
English learners can improve their ability to remember and use new words by testing themselves. This idea comes from Sarah Lynn, an educational consultant and teacher at Harvard University's Bridge Program.
A growing number of health clubs around the world offer exercise that allows people to stretch and strengthen their bodies while hanging in the air, often upside down. It is called AntiGravity Yoga.
Okay, nobody likes to be wrong. But when it turns out that we are, in fact, wrong, the best thing to do is admit it.