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Hey, I heard that you’re the first one in the class to present your project. I know. I’m dreading it. I tried talking my way out of this by speaking to the professor but it didn’t work. He said I have to present first no matter what.
Flip-flop shoes have become very popular in the United States, mostly among young people.
According to the latest survey by the Centers for Disease Control, 18 percent of U.S. homes - one in every six - have no traditional, land-line telephone at all. You know, the kind with a handset and a wire leading to a connection in the wall.
Sara: I’m washing my hands. Better safe than sorry right? Jen: Oh yea, that’s true.
Mike, thanks for inviting me over for dinner yesterday. My pleasure!
Hey can you play for our volleyball team this week? Oue best player is out of the picture with a leg injury.
Depending on where you live, you might enjoy playing in ocean waves or visiting a beach along a peaceful lake or river.
I’m here to open a student bank account. 학생용 계좌를 개설하려고요. You are in the right place. With this account, there is no minimum balance. 잘 오셨어요. 저희 학생용 계좌는 최소 잔고 유지 조건이 없어요.
Here in the United States, there is a saying: “Diversity is the spice of life.” This means that having a nice, healthy mix of people, thoughts, and experiences can make your life more interesting and, well, spicy.
Can you tell me how far the library is from here? It’s not very far, “as the crow flies,” but if you are driving there you will have to take a detour as certain roads are closed for construction.
People blink their eyes tens of thousands of times every day. Scientists have long believed blinking was an involuntary movement and served mainly to keep the eyeballs wet.
Have you seen Thomas? I have a meeting with him but he’s not in his office. He’s not here yet.
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a popular expression in the United States. It may be a common saying, but it is not scientifically confirmed.
Americans do many different things during their vacations. Some people stay at home and enjoy time with their families. They may go to a local swimming pool, zoo or museum.
Man! I think Jessica’s talk about the importance of helping the poor was full of baloney! All these years I’ve known her I have never seen her help the poor.
A technology company based in California’s Silicon Valley is offering its workers money to leave the area.
Ugh! This box is so heavy! Can you give me a hand carrying this? Yes of course I can give you a hand.
My car ran out of fuel and I’m stuck in the middle of the road. Can you come help me?
Do you like going to the movies? Yes, I do enjoy watching movies.
The Ivy League is a name for eight schools in the northeastern United States. All but one were established hundreds of years ago, when England had colonies in the area.