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The Muppets were the creation of the American puppeteer Jim Henson. He used the term Muppet for his puppet act.

A new study says people are living longer, but many are living longer in poor health. Researchers found that life expectancy has increased by about five years since 1990.

갠지스 강
The Ganges stretches over 2,700 kilometers across India. It begins high up in the Himalayan Mountains and eventually empties into the Bay of Bengal.

신경에 거슬리다
Matthew: It really irritates me when a person’s cell phone goes off during a movie. Sonia: Yeah, me too! It really gets on my nerves!

The U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is symbolized by its traditional food, a large bird we call a turkey. But turkey is certainly not from Turkey.

화면 보는 시간
Many children spend a lot of time watching or playing with electronic media -- from televisions to video games, computers and other devices.

바람처럼 빨리 달리다
Jen: Oh! So you do have a cat at home? Katie: Yeah! Two. She loves them but they don’t love her. They run like the wind when she is around.

포르투갈 음식
In fact, while Portugal may not have as many famous dishes as its European neighbors, Portuguese tastes have influenced food and restaurants from Europe, to Asia, Africa and the Americas.

여성 국가지도자
More women are becoming national leaders. The newest include Angela Merkel. She is expected to become the first female chancellor of Germany on Tuesday.

쥐 죽은 듯 조용하다
Sally: Nobody said a word. Brian: Really? Sally: Yeah, I mean it was so quiet. You could hear a pin drop.

학교 안의 요가
Along with subjects like reading and mathematics, school children at the Robert W. Coleman Elementary School are learning how to spend time in quiet thought.

Pocahontas is one of the most famous figures in American history. Many books and films portray her as a beautiful American Indian “princess” who made sacrifices to serve British colonial interests.

많은 일들이 정신없이 이어지는 상황
When we talk about weather, a whirlwind is a very strong wind that moves in a spinning or swirling motion.

입이 가벼우면 화를 부른다
This wartime expression warned people in the military as well as ordinary citizens to watch what they say.

쓰레기 없애기
The world’s cities produce 2 billion tons of trash every year. By the year 2050, that number is expected to rise to 3 billion tons.

종이 만들기
The earliest process of making paper was done almost five thousand years ago in Egypt and the Nile Valley. In those days, paper was made from strips of the papyrus plant.

다음으로 연기해도 될까요?
Jen: Well, this time you are forgiven. Mike: Can I get a rain check for next time though?

소금은 적게
Even a small reduction in salt in the diet can be a big help to the heart. A new study used a computer model to predict how just three grams less a day would affect heart disease in the United States.

벌컥 화내다
Hey, Alice! How was the baseball game last night? It was a company outing right? Oh man! I flipped out as soon as we got to the stadium.

자동차 디자인의 중심지
Californians love their cars, as they have since the automobile was introduced more than a century ago. Today the region is home to more than a dozen design shops where new concepts are explored.