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호박의 효능
There is one food that takes center stage during autumn -- the pumpkin! Many people use this orange gourd as a decoration at Halloween.

Hey, your wedding is coming up. You must be so excited to tie the knot with Lily.

자석 치료법
Depression is more than just feeling sad. It is a serious disease. Depression can interfere with normal life and a person’s sense of self-worth.

로봇과 일자리
Driverless vehicles could threaten the jobs of millions of Americans who drive trucks and taxis. Some experts believe driverless trucks will be deployed throughout the United States soon. Others believe it will not happen for years.

로봇 물고기
Scientists are using robotic devices to study the health of waters in and around Venice, Italy. The robots are designed to act like fish, other underwater creatures and plants.

스마트 밴드
Simple bandages are easy to use. They cover and protect wounds, giving them time to heal. Now scientists say they are developing new kinds of bandages. They have begun adding small sensors to bandages. making them more sensitive.

발을 들여놓다
Jen: You know, a lot of people come into DC as someone who is fresh out of college or fresh out of grad (graduate) school even…to get their foot in the door right?

남극에서 환자 구하기
In a rare and difficult mission, a plane successfully rescued two sick workers from the U.S. science station at the South Pole Wednesday.

바디 페인팅
Her canvas is the human body on which she paints beautiful images. Zhe is also owner of Athena Entertainment. The company provides performances and performers for all kinds of parties and other events.

마음을 정하다
Hey, do you have any plans for vacation this summer? Actually I do. I have my heart set on traveling to Hawaii.

못하겠다고 말씀드렸어
Hey, I heard that you’re the first one in the class to present your project. I know. I’m dreading it. I tried talking my way out of this by speaking to the professor but it didn’t work. He said I have to present first no matter what.

꿈의 신비
Do you dream? Do you create pictures and stories in your mind as you sleep? Today, we are going to explore dreaming. People have had ideas about the meaning and importance of dreams for hundreds of years.

발이 커졌어요
A century ago, the average American man wore a size 6.5 shoe. The average American woman, a 4.5. Today's averages are four sizes larger!

If you are in any major city in America, the chances are high that you are not far from a Starbucks. In fact, you might be very close to several of these coffee stores.

계층간 교육 장벽 무너뜨리기
American public schools and universities have always been engines for social mobility. But too often, those educational institutions help reinforce and even widen the gap between the rich and poor.

재택 사업
If you use an Internet search engine like Google or Yahoo to find sites about, let's say, spoons, you'll be directed in seconds to 12 million Web sites about spoons.


Dreams are the visions we have when we are asleep. But the word “dream” fills the expressions we use when we are awake.

결혼과 건강
Traditional wedding vows often include the promise to be by your spouse’s side "in sickness and in health, 'til death do you part." Or something similar.

서핑하는 개
Some people enjoy the water sport of surfing. Many others enjoy watching those surfers riding the waves. And still others enjoy watching when dogs ride the waves.

많은 관심을 모으다
Today, we are going to make a splash! Yes, you make a splash when you jump into water. But to make a splash also means to attract a lot of attention, in a good way.