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Legs. They are the base of the body. They provide support and balance. And, of course, we use them to walk.

압력을 가하다
People who visit our website or listen to our broadcasts want to learn English. They come freely. No one is forcing them.

Members of a native community in the arctic areas of Sweden say their reindeer are facing possible starvation from unusual weather related to climate change.

세계 지도
Walk into most any classroom, and you will see a large world map hanging somewhere on the wall. Teachers use maps for subjects like geography and social studies.

코뿔소를 위한 발레
In South Africa, protecting the environment and cultural heritage are at the center of the yearly Ballet in the Bush show.

인도의 달리트 계급
Dalits are members of India’s lower caste, or social class. The woman’s attackers were members of a higher caste. Beatings and other violence against Dalits are not new. What is new, however, is the community’s reaction.

I heard you were out really late with Tom. Yes I was and my wife wasn’t too happy. I was walking on eggshells trying to explain to her why I came home that late.

야생마를 위한 목초지
Wild horses running across open land -- is a classic image of the old American west. But, many people might be surprised to learn that wild horses still populate the area.

물은 얼마나 마시는 게 좋은가?
Many people believe they are supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day, or about two liters. Why? Because that is what they have been told all their life.

The U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is symbolized by its traditional food, a large bird we call a turkey. But turkey is certainly not from Turkey.

유선전화가 줄어든다
According to the latest survey by the Centers for Disease Control, 18 percent of U.S. homes - one in every six - have no traditional, land-line telephone at all. You know, the kind with a handset and a wire leading to a connection in the wall.

뼈 건강
You may not realize it, but your bones are living tissue. And that tissue is always breaking down and re-growing.

고통의 차이
The study found that many people in poor and middle-income countries suffer unimaginable pain without any help. They lack even the cheapest painkillers to manage severe pain.

Being a designer or creative almost becomes like a lifestyle because you're constantly surrounded by challenges and beautiful things and ugly things.

당신이 잠든 동안
Why do we need sleep? Is bedtime just a time for dreaming? Do our brains turn off for the night? What if I told you that scientists recently discovered that our brains may be just as busy at night as they are during the day?

즉시 갈게
Hey Mike, if I ever need help, can I call you? Of course you can call me! I can come at the drop of a hat.

The saying “as American as apple pie” describes things that represent the best of American culture. People use this expression when talking about things like blue jeans, baseball and rock-n-roll music.

사랑과 휴대폰
An international study of more than 13,000 adults found that many people say modern technology has affected relations with their partner.

콘서트 트럭
Classical music is sometimes thought of as high art, performed in beautiful music centers to serious and wealthy crowds, wearing fine clothes.

열심히 귀를 기울이다
Mike: I have a really good explanation. I promise. Rebecca: Go ahead. I’m all ears.