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More than one billion Muslims around the world observe Ramadan, Islam’s holy month. Fasting during Ramadan is a requirement for believers.

늦더라도 하지 않는 것보다 낫다
Paul: I have your name on my desk and I’ve left you a message once, but better late than never right?

소란을 피우고 있어
Is something going on in the kitchen? I can hear lots of commotion going on. Well, it’s Henry and Eric. Henry is making a fuss to Eric over a minor thing.

안면 인식 장애
For some people, remembering a face can be difficult. You may have to meet them several times before they can recognize you.

세상 참 좁다!
Guess what! I ran into Lisa at the baseball game yesterday. Which Lisa? Lisa Wallace from our elementary school. She’s now married with two kids.

The "Milk Squad" is a group of nine young men in the eastern American city of Baltimore, Maryland. For them, skateboarding is more than a sport. It is a way of life.

고생 끝에 낙이 온다
I heard your business is not going well. Yeah. I’m learning that a business will not always go well. I’m learning that as I go.

일류대학 들어가기
College admissions officers give a number of reasons for the higher rates of rejection letters this year. They say the main reason is that high school seniors are applying to more schools than in the past.

서둘러야 해
Are you going out to grab lunch later? Yes I am, why? Do you want me to grab you something?

졸리운 아이들
Surveys of American teenagers find that about half of them do not get enough sleep on school nights. They get an average of sixty to ninety minutes less than experts say they need.

Many English learners can improve their pronunciation by listening carefully to native English speakers and trying to match the up-and-down movement of their sentences.

애니메이션 팬
Otaku are obsessive fans of comic books, called manga, and cartoon animations, called anime. Japan's biggest-selling manga comic, "Shonen Jump," sells millions of copies each week.

공항 보안 검색대
There we go again, the security checkpoint! Do I need to take off my jacket? Yes, you do, ma’am. And take off your shoes and put them in a bin.

A mind filled with fear and bad thoughts is an unquiet mind. When you are worried, it can be hard to direct your attention on even a minor problem.

전기차 소리
Electric vehicles are also known for not producing another kind of pollution -- noise. They run on batteries instead of fuel, and can operate in silence.

It's something all human beings do, regardless of where they live, how they worship, or what they believe: They sleep. Except that for a growing number of Americans, sleep has become elusive.

백만장자들이 사는 곳
Nearly six percent of Americans are millionaires. They each have at least one million dollars in savings.

모유 은행
Money, jewels and important documents may not be the only valuables placed in banks these days. Some mothers are making deposits, or really, donations, to breast milk banks.

전기 스쿠터
Electric scooters are everywhere in cities across the United States. They are one of the most popular forms of shared transportation.

중국 짝퉁
The Bush administration recently introduced legislation to strengthen intellectual property rights enforcement and impose stiffer prison sentences against those convicted of certain types of counterfeiting.