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다 끝난 일이야
Did we get a venue secured for the event yet? It’s a done deal. I got a venue secured so we can start planning.

가상현실을 이용한 수술 준비
Felicia Luna had a really bad headache. She said the painful pressure felt “like someone was squeezing my head really tight.”

핫스프링스 국립공원
Sometimes a visit to a national park means hiking rugged trails and climbing high mountains. Other times it means crawling through caves or rafting down a wild river.

손바닥도 마주쳐야 소리가 난다
Hey Jason, why don’t’ you get along with Tina? Because she is always starting arguments with me. That makes it very hard to get along with her!

The sea is on the border of Israel and Jordan. It is the lowest place on Earth meaning its surface is farther below sea level than any other place.

그 말이 옳다고 생각되거든 그대로 따르게
Christine: I just can’t believe her. She said that I look sloppy and bad and that my clothes don’t fit well. Joshua: Well, if the shoe fits, wear it.

커피와 차
Now, many people are loyal coffee drinkers. They cannot imagine starting their morning without -- what some call -- a hot “Cup of Joe.” Some people hate coffee and prefer to drink tea.


Our bodies give us so many expressions. And today we talk about the facial feature that sticks out the most…your nose!

많은 일을 하느라 몹시 지치다
Today we talk about a candle. Sometimes we use candles to create a feeling of calm or some other sort of feeling. We call that an ambiance.

The most common definition of a corner is where two lines, edges, or sides of something meet. For example, squares have four corners. And unless they are round, rooms have corners.

건강에 좋은 민들레
There is probably no flower more hated, or misunderstood, than the bright yellow dandelion.

배가 너무 불러
Hey! It’s time for dessert. What should we get? Oh man! I’m really stuffed! I don’t have any room for dessert.

중국과 인도
China is the world's most populous country with one point three billion people, just ahead of India, with one point one billion people.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says about forty percent of preschool-age children urinate in their sleep.

뉴욕의 원앙새
New York has a new media star. And this star is not living so quietly. The star is a colorful Mandarin duck.

금괴 보관소
Fort Knox is the name of an Army base in the southern state of Kentucky. But the name is better known for its link to gold.

자동차 디자인의 중심지
Californians love their cars, as they have since the automobile was introduced more than a century ago. Today the region is home to more than a dozen design shops where new concepts are explored.

Thunder storms. Rain storms. Snow storms. Electrical storms! If conditions get bad enough, almost any kind of weather can become a storm.

해가 지지 않는 계절
Many people who live on Norway’s far-northern island of Sommaroey are campaigning to go “time-free.”

성숙한 두뇌
We'll look at a new book that takes a positive view of aging, a process in which the brain is continually reshaped by lifelong learning and opportunities for growth.