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학교 안의 요가
Along with subjects like reading and mathematics, school children at the Robert W. Coleman Elementary School are learning how to spend time in quiet thought.

The only downside is commuting. The commute from my apartment to work is very long. 단 한가지 안 좋은 점이 있다면 출퇴근 하는 거야. 집에서 회사까지 출퇴근하는데 너무 오래 걸리거든.

입이 가벼우면 화를 부른다
This wartime expression warned people in the military as well as ordinary citizens to watch what they say.

혁신의 비결
Simply put, innovation is doing something new that works. Steven Johnson has written a new book called "The Innovator's Cookbook." Mr. Johnson says all progress depends on innovation and creativity.

자면서 배운다
We humans spend about one-third of our lives asleep. This may sound like a lot of time, but it is not wasted.

허리 통증
Low back pain is one of the most common complaints among adults around the world. Researcher Sangwoo Tak from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell set out to look at how often it affects workers.

Jen! Look out! There’s a speed bump! Oh! You’re right! I’ll slow down. Phew! Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t even see it.

잠깐 있어봐
So let me tell you our business plan. Wait. Hold that thought! Let me use the restroom really quick.

성공을 위한 옷차림
"What am I going to wear to school today?" is what Diana Otero asks herself each morning, but not on Mondays. That’s when the 10 year old puts on a nice outfit. It makes her feel special.

그냥 넘어가다
Christine: it depends on how the argument ended. So if there was consensus, I would brush it off.

일류대학 들어가기
College admissions officers give a number of reasons for the higher rates of rejection letters this year. They say the main reason is that high school seniors are applying to more schools than in the past.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says about forty percent of preschool-age children urinate in their sleep.

축구 심판
Soccer fans around the world love to question the calls that the referees make during games. One common insult is to say the referee must not be able to see well.

죽기전에 가볼 1000 곳
Memorial Day traditionally marks the start of the summer vacation season in the United States. A lot of American travelers may be setting off with a renewed sense of purpose this year, thanks to a best-selling book with a lofty goal.

소란을 피우고 있어
Is something going on in the kitchen? I can hear lots of commotion going on. Well, it’s Henry and Eric. Henry is making a fuss to Eric over a minor thing.

마지막 작품
Today, we hear about a beautiful bird that gives us a rather sad expression. Christopher Jones Cruise brings us that story.

큰 성공을 거둔 모습을 하고 있다
People around the world love their pets. And in the United States, cats are very popular.

시대 변화에 맞춰 살아야지
I’m finally getting a smartphone tomorrow. Finally! Everyone has a smartphone now so it’s time for you to get with the program.

소금은 적게
Even a small reduction in salt in the diet can be a big help to the heart. A new study used a computer model to predict how just three grams less a day would affect heart disease in the United States.

The American Bantam Car Company designed and built the first American military jeeps. And it did so in record time. In the summer of nineteen-forty, in just a few days the company created a complete design.