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즉시 갈게
Hey Mike, if I ever need help, can I call you? Of course you can call me! I can come at the drop of a hat.

Babies need lots of love, care and attention. Most new parents spend every waking moment caring for, worrying over and thinking about their baby.

백마 탄 왕자
Jamie: I met my prince charming at a friend’s house. We met through friends and we dated for a year and a half.

이것 좀 해주실 수 있으세요?
I’m here at a face painting booth, right? Hey! What can you do for me? We have this big list of different kinds of pictures.

씹을 때 심한 통증이 있어요
Every time I eat or drink something hot or cold, I feel a momentary twinge. I also feel a sharp pain when I bite down. 뜨겁거나 찬 것을 먹을 때마다 이가 시큰거려요. 무엇인가를 씹을 때 심한 통증이 있고요..

어느 서점의 성공 비밀
A large bookstore in a small U.S. town has succeeded for many years by giving people a chance to buy a lot of books for a low price. The large and simple bookstore is in the small eastern town of Mount Crawford, Virginia.

Hey, how did you do on your test? I was really worried about how I would do, but in the end I passed it with flying colors!

대리 결혼식
If you've been to a lot of weddings, you've heard these words. Or have you? Listen closely. "By the authority vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife--by proxy."

You've heard of e-mail, e-books, and maybe e-commerce. But what a lot of Americans are talking about now are e-cigarettes.

음식의 날
If you look on the Internet, you will see that almost every day of the year celebrates some kind of food.

박사 학위
The highest degree that a student can earn is a doctorate. Some doctorates are professional degrees, as opposed to a degree based on research.

백만장자들이 사는 곳
Nearly six percent of Americans are millionaires. They each have at least one million dollars in savings.

Speaking of toes, let’s talk about them for a minute. Like the rest of our feet, they spend all day stuck inside socks and shoes.

Students often study listening comprehension in less than interesting, even boring ways, he adds. Transcription, however, provides a fun way to improve one’s listening skills.

그때그때 사정을 봐 가면서 처리하다
Jen: She said she wants the contract until the end of March and then from there we can play it by ear.

쥐꼬리만한 월급을 받고 일한다
Dan: Why don’t we have any money? Paul: Because we work for peanuts.

Man! I think Jessica’s talk about the importance of helping the poor was full of baloney! All these years I’ve known her I have never seen her help the poor.

Thanksgiving is a holiday in the United States that involves family, friends, fellowship, and food!

인턴 사원
Internships are usually unpaid, and the work might not always be the most exciting. But they offer a chance to gain experience in business, public service or some other area of interest.

자동차 정비소
When Sharon and Gene Ward’s van started making strange noises, the Virginia couple panicked. “Our car started to sound like a million crickets chirping. And we had taken it to a place down in Manassas and we told the person that we are on a limited income."