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엄격한 통제
Today our show is about control: Not self-control, but instead controlling others.

해로운 식물을 탐지하는 개의 후각
It is already known that dogs can use their highly developed sense of smell to search out drugs, explosives and disaster survivors.

이성을 잃은
So, if I say I am beside myself with joy, I am filled with joy! However, I can also be beside myself with grief, anger, or most other emotions.

흥을 깨다
If you have ever planned an outdoor party or picnic, you know that nothing puts a damper on outdoor fun like rain!

마지막 작품
Today, we hear about a beautiful bird that gives us a rather sad expression. Christopher Jones Cruise brings us that story.

판타지 풋볼
The first thing Nima Vaez-Zadeh does before starting work during American football season is inspect his fantasy football team.

비누와 연속극
We will talk about a very common household object. People used it thousands of years ago and most likely you used it today. I am talking about soap.


From birth to death, the word “kick” plays an important part in the human experience.

진퇴양난에 빠지다
English has many words and expressions that describe those times when you must make a choice but all of your options are terrible!

Today, we discuss a popular and common food -- eggs! People who like eggs think they are egg-xecllent (excellent)!