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Noah: Well, you should bear in mind that kids are out of school.

자기의 입장을 고수하다
Jen: I know it’s hard but it’s worth it. So I’m digging in my heels, and I’m determined to help people in need.

군침을 흘리다
I’m sure you’ve seen dogs drool over food before but have you seen people drool over something?

소중한 사람
Lin: Absolutely! She means everything to me. She really is the apple of my eye.

다 같은 입장에 처해 있다
Young: Wow! So no school until they say so huh? Yujin: Yeah, you’re right. No one’s going back yet. We’re all in the same boat!

나쁜 인상을 남기다
Joe: Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Lauren: I know. The whole thing left a really bad taste in my mouth.

매우 쉬운 일
Clara: Hey! How did you do on the exam? Ellie: I got an A. The exam was a piece of cake.

한 발 늦다
Brian: Yes, I did. He is always a day late and a dollar short to everything.

기운 내
Mira: You'll have a better day tomorrow. Just keep your chin up.

요점을 이해하지 못하다
Kurt: I'm not sure. Can you explain it again? I think I missed the point.