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American children are spending more and more of their leisure time indoors -- watching TV, playing video games and chatting with friends on line.

But there's a fourth subject that can quickly ignite an argument: Are big-box stores a good thing or the worst thing that ever happened to your town?

사전과 씨름하는 맥도날드
The giant McDonald's fast-food corporation is not just serving 50 million people a day in 119 countries. It's also polishing its image among wordsmiths.

너무 깨끗이 청소해도
Researchers have noted that people in industrialized countries have more allergies and a higher incidence of asthma than do people from less developed countries with lower hygiene standards.

Quilting is as much a part of Gee's Bend as the Alabama River that cradles the peninsula on which it sits. So it was only natural that 12-year-old Mary Lee Bendolph asked her mama to teach her how to make quilts.

중국과 인도
China is the world's most populous country with one point three billion people, just ahead of India, with one point one billion people.

공간이 더 필요해
Recently the New York Times ran a photograph of a commercial storage facility, under which it printed the following caption: "Bigger houses, smaller families, and they still want more space."

영화 속의 빈티지 자동차
Our colleague liked the movie, particularly its use of authentic, but beat-up, old automobiles that we call "jalopies."

도시의 불빛
The beautiful view of millions of stars punctuating the night blackness is becoming a sight of the past for many, unless we are willing to travel to rural areas.

오늘 할 일을 내일로 미루지 말자
"Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today" is good advice, but it's often ignored and has been for years.