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촉각을 가진 로봇
Our hands can find a tool without looking or put down a glass of water without spilling. But for a robot, it's harder than it looks.

플라스틱병을 신발로
A San Francisco start-up is using recycled plastic water bottles to create fashionable womans footwear called Rothy's.

목재 건물
Two massive timber panels installed in the National Building Museum's Great Hall greet visitors to the exhibition titled “Timber City.”

가상 현실
The word "Khora" comes from the Greek philosopher Plato who used it to describe a place somewhere between real and non-real. And it's exactly what Khora offers.

어느 서점의 성공 비밀
Getting there is simple. Drive along contry roads and just follow the road signs pointing the way towards these large warehouses tucked into a hillside.

자동차 정비소
When Sharon and Gene Ward’s van started making strange noises, the Virginia couple panicked. “Our car started to sound like a million crickets chirping. And we had taken it to a place down in Manassas and we told the person that we are on a limited income."

음식물의 절반은 낭비된다
Every year the world produces around four billion tons of food. And between a third and half of it goes to waste, according to the report from the British Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

At the Boulder Colorado public library, Ken Fowler is a popular member of a club called “The Boulder Folders.” The Boulder Folders is one of 70 U.S. and nearly 50 international origami clubs, all filled with people who love to fold.

The school offers classes for those wanting to become professionals as well as those who just want to mix party music for friends. The two year program leads to certification and helps with job placement.

기아 체험
Laura Kahn loves to cook. "I am making a zucchini potato frittata." But this week she is cooking for herself and her husband on about $4 each per day. That's the average government food aid benefit.