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The high-tech company Google has a fleet of self-driving cars. By August, they had logged 480,000 kilometers. Major auto manufacturers in the United States and Europe are also working on the technology for autonomous vehicles.

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"What am I going to wear to school today?" is what Diana Otero asks herself each morning, but not on Mondays. That’s when the 10 year old puts on a nice outfit. It makes her feel special.

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"These are the tools that I inherited from my grandfather. Some of them came from my great-great-grandfather's workshop as well." Richard Maxham is making his second violin from scratch at his home.

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"Gangnam Style" is one of the most viewed videos ever on the Internet. It has ranked high on music charts in Asia, Europe and North America. And is what many say is South Korea's most successful cultural export.

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It's another busy day at Primo Family Restaurant, a popular dining spot in Alexandria, Virginia, for more than 25 years. C.A. Savoy says he doesn't like the atmosphere or food at the chain restaurants.

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Lovell Walls is taking a math class in the basement of his family's home. His teacher is on her computer 40 kilometers away.

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Bradley is a chocolatier. She has been running a successful business for nine years in the Virginia suburbs of Washington. She says making and decorating chocolate is not only her profession but her passion as well.

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One of the multi-billion-dollar financial service companies that has survived the corporate mergers of recent years is Wells Fargo Bank. It mushroomed from a regional institution based in San Francisco, California.

America is full of vacation lodges . . . on wheels! They are known as motor homes - literally kitchens, living rooms, and beds on the move across America.

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We aspired to levels of wealth and education higher than those of our parents, who often sacrificed to make it so. Comfort and security were the products of hard, honest work over a lifetime.