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You've heard of e-mail, e-books, and maybe e-commerce. But what a lot of Americans are talking about now are e-cigarettes.

신종플루 클리닉
Patients are frustrated by delays in delivery of the vaccine. Some are angry that they're not among the two groups -- children and pregnant women -- given priority because they seem most susceptible to swine flu.

당신 안의 제임스 본드?
Of course it's one thing for an action hero to break down a door, leap from a moving motorcycle into a car, or fend off a killer shark. But how would the ordinary, out-of-shape reader do it?

It used to cost the Chicago mass transit authority $20 million a year to clean up graffiti, or rude decorations, that people had spray-painted on subway cars, buses and station signs.

자동차 블랙박스
More than two-thirds of the new cars - foreign and domestic - sold in the United States this year will be equipped with so-called black boxes. In fact, about a third of all the vehicles on the American road today have such devices.

입소문 마케팅
People in business believe in the old adage: "Word of mouth is the best advertising." Nothing beats unsolicited praise for you or your product -- one customer to another and another and another...

직장인 세대 차이
A workplace generation gap is showing up in two ways at a most unfortunate time for older Americans during this prolonged recession.

업무 중 아니면 노는 중
American employers have long been nervous about the mix of work and play on the Internet.

물위의 집
Many houseboats include a kitchen, a head - as mariners call a bathroom -, a microwave oven and a television set attached to an outside satellite dish.

대도시 클러스터
Now Americans are on the move again, often out of cities into adjacent suburbs and far into the countryside to distant subdivisions and booming regional cities.