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골프 컨트리 클럽
One of the time-honored symbols of upper-class success in America is membership in a private country club. Some of these exclusive groups charge as much as $350,000 just to join.

무례한 관중
A hot topic in American sports is the boorish behavior of fans. In many stadiums and arenas, they are expressing their displeasure with hostile outbursts.

막다른 길
There were still big, central streets - often wide boulevards. But branching off were nodules called cul-de-sacs, or streets that dead-ended into little traffic circles.

발이 커졌어요
A century ago, the average American man wore a size 6.5 shoe. The average American woman, a 4.5. Today's averages are four sizes larger!

Soon cereal companies printed coupons as well. America was hooked, not just on these products, but also on coupons. Newspapers began printing coupons that knocked a few cents, or even a few dollars, off store prices.

Spring is nigh in all but the coldest northern reaches of the United States. That means the snow is gone from T-ball fields, and the players will soon be throwing and hitting and running the bases.

커피숍이 사무실
About 30 million Americans - one-fifth of the nation's workforce - spend significant time working outside the typical office, plant or factory. This includes people who telecommute from home one or more days a week.

Some aspects of the American economy are in free fall, but these are great times for those who make SPAM.

유선전화가 줄어든다
According to the latest survey by the Centers for Disease Control, 18 percent of U.S. homes - one in every six - have no traditional, land-line telephone at all. You know, the kind with a handset and a wire leading to a connection in the wall.

샐러드용 빵조각, 크루톤
Many quick-service restaurants, including McDonald's and Burger King and Denny's, serve salads - prepackaged, delivered by a server, or available from a salad bar. And uncounted millions of the croutons that top those salads come from a single factory in Chicago.