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명랑한 성격
The adjective “sunny” is also used to describe people. A very happy person can be described as sunny.

무모하게 덤비다
The deep end is where the water is the deepest. The water in the deep end is deep enough to dive in head-first.

정원 잡초 억제법
Weeds, the fast-growing plants that cannot be eaten and do not bring flowers, are a common problem for gardeners.

세상 정말 좁구나
So, it can really come as a surprise when you see someone in a place where you do not expect to see them. This can make the world feel very small.

Trees are so important that some people have made it their goal to protect them. We call these people “tree huggers.”

몹시 수줍음이 많은 사람
The name Violet is found in an English expression. A shrinking violet describes someone who is very shy.

근력 운동
The aging process affects the human body in many ways. One thing that happens to all of us as we age is muscle loss.

번개는 같은 장소를 두 번 때리지는 않는다
Lightning is one of the most powerful forces in nature. Scientists describe lightning as a huge burst of electricity between clouds, the air, or the ground.

구르는 돌에는 이끼가 끼지 않는다
People who are “rolling stones” live without the restrictions that come with responsibilities.

Personal or working relationships can be damaged if you shout at other people or get angry with someone.