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숨 돌리는 곳
If you are feeling nervous or stressed, a simple thing can help. A deep breath.

With no medical prevention available, isolating the sick was the only effective public health defense.

백신의 유래
The spread of dangerous diseases around the world is not new. As trade and colonization expanded worldwide over hundreds of years, so did some dangerous diseases.

재택 근무
People are moving their work from offices to their living rooms, extra bedrooms, kitchens and basements.

한국의 코로나바이러스 대책
As a result, South Korea has been able to identify areas with more than one coronavirus case and quickly investigate the path of the infection.

고양이 없는 곳에서는 쥐들이 설친다
Cats are funny, strange and often unpredictable animals. Their quirky personalities have made cats popular as household pets in homes across the United States.

예방이 치료보다 낫다
Sometimes slower is better. Many things in life require careful thought and preparation. Sometimes we need to be cautious and take precautions.

휴대폰 세정
Scientific studies have shown that the virus can live for two to three days on materials like plastic and stainless steel.

3월 15일을 조심하라
People who believe in luck and bad luck -- that is to say, those considered superstitious -- may think that some days or events are unlucky.

Today we begin with a phrase that scientist Wallace Nichols coined in more recent years. It explains how people feel when they are near water.