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Some people claim that each year their allergies seem to get worse and worse. Well, they are likely right.

아이들에게 자전거 가르치기
On a sunny, spring day, a group of children, four to seven-years-old, sit on their bicycles. They wear helmets to protect their heads and gloves to protect their hands.

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A seedling is a young plant grown from a seed. It can be easy to grow seedlings inside the home. But what happens when they get bigger?

파나마 운하의 가뭄
This year’s El Nino weather pattern brought a drought to Panama. The lack of rain has lowered the level of the country’s Gatun Lake, a major part of the Panama Canal.

건강에 좋은 민들레
There is probably no flower more hated, or misunderstood, than the bright yellow dandelion.

전기 스쿠터
Electric scooters are everywhere in cities across the United States. They are one of the most popular forms of shared transportation.


Now, most countries around the world have some sort of bread in their food culture.

꼬불꼬불한 롬바드 거리
Visitors may soon have to pay as much as $10 to drive down the world-famous Lombard Street in San Francisco, California.

작은 독립 서점
Small, independent bookstores in neighborhoods across the United States are places to discover new books and make friends.

과일나무 가지치기
Fruit trees require a lot of pruning -- the careful removal of dead, damaged or unproductive parts to make the tree grow better.