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Today we go back to school. We will talk about two terms from science class. Both are tests.

기회를 놓치지 말라
When the sun shines brightly, it provides a great chance to get outdoor things done. Like making hay!

음식물 쓰레기
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that one-third of the world’s food is wasted every year.

동전 부족
Coins are in short supply because many businesses have been closed and many Americans have been going out less to buy things.

갠지스 강
The Ganges stretches over 2,700 kilometers across India. It begins high up in the Himalayan Mountains and eventually empties into the Bay of Bengal.

명랑한 성격
The adjective “sunny” is also used to describe people. A very happy person can be described as sunny.

무모하게 덤비다
The deep end is where the water is the deepest. The water in the deep end is deep enough to dive in head-first.

정원 잡초 억제법
Weeds, the fast-growing plants that cannot be eaten and do not bring flowers, are a common problem for gardeners.

세상 정말 좁구나
So, it can really come as a surprise when you see someone in a place where you do not expect to see them. This can make the world feel very small.

Trees are so important that some people have made it their goal to protect them. We call these people “tree huggers.”