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지나간 일을 두고 후회하지 마라
Mistakes are not just a fact of life, they are an important part of the learning process. However, regretting our mistakes day in and day out is not healthy.

DNA에 컴퓨터 데이터를 저장
Several companies now say they are exploring a possible solution: they propose using genetic material, DNA, to store data.

수면 습관
People who have repeatedly changing sleep and wake times and get different amounts of sleep each night are more likely to have metabolic health conditions.

짐을 나르는 동물
Take, for example, pack animals. One kind is an animal used to carry packs, or heavy loads. Donkeys and mules are pack animals.

For many people, the sounds of a typewriter are but memories from 30 or more years ago, or something now heard only in movies.

로봇 개
Could a robot dog help people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia?

The cutting edge is the newest and most modern part of any industry. Ideas, tools, technology -- whatever you use in your job -- can all be cutting-edge.

짐바브웨의 상아
In some parts of Africa, elephant populations are in decline. That is mostly because hunters shoot the animals for their valuable ivory tusks.

TV 시청 시간과 건강
Working at a desk all day may not be as bad for your health as sitting in front of a television after work.

가공 식품의 위험
Scientists have already linked low-cost, packaged foods to rising obesity rates around the world. Obesity is a condition involving too much body fat.