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판타지 풋볼
The first thing Nima Vaez-Zadeh does before starting work during American football season is inspect his fantasy football team.

비누와 연속극
We will talk about a very common household object. People used it thousands of years ago and most likely you used it today. I am talking about soap.


From birth to death, the word “kick” plays an important part in the human experience.

진퇴양난에 빠지다
English has many words and expressions that describe those times when you must make a choice but all of your options are terrible!

Today, we discuss a popular and common food -- eggs! People who like eggs think they are egg-xecllent (excellent)!

캐번디시 바나나
A disease that threatens the world’s most popular fruit -- the banana -- has arrived in Latin America.

플로리다의 야자수
Florida’s famous palm trees are under attack from a disease that completely dries them out within months.

Spas are becoming more popular in the United States. A spa is a business where people go to improve their health and appearance by getting treatments, exercising or relaxing.

문신 지우기
It is estimated that 30 percent of Americans have one or more tattoos -- permanent words or pictures on their skin.

감출 수 없는 눈의 움직임
The way a person’s eyes move can show whether or not the person recognizes someone else -- even if they try to hide it.