In some parts of the world, April is a time of thunderstorms and lots of rain. In the U.S. we even have a rhyme to describe it: April showers bring May flowers.
Today, we are down on the farm! Since the 16th century, the word "farm" has meant "land used for agricultural purposes." But a much older meaning is related to economics.
The Earth is losing some of its major freshwater supplies. But these water resources are not lakes or rivers. They are called “aquifers.” They formed deep underground as the Earth developed.
롯데 월드 타워
The fifth-tallest building in the world, the Lotte World Tower, has opened in Seoul, South Korea. The event was celebrated in a ceremony with a fireworks display that lit up the building and the sky.
약간의 운동도 유익해
Exercise is good for us. It reduces the risks of dying from all causes, including cancer and heart disease. This is according to the World Health Organization.
세계 지도
Walk into most any classroom, and you will see a large world map hanging somewhere on the wall. Teachers use maps for subjects like geography and social studies.
화성에서 감자를?
A year later, scientists in Peru and NASA scientists in California started working together on growing potatoes in a harsh location similar to Mars.
폭포 위의 집
American architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed more than 1,000 buildings and other structures during his lifetime. One of the most famous is Fallingwater, a house in rural southwestern Pennsylvania.
치아를 재생시키는 약
A dentist usually treats a cavity by removing the damaged part of the tooth. Then they fill the hole with porcelain or a combination of silver and other metals.
기능 인터넷
Dohler’s idea is to create a glove that the piano student could wear while practicing. This glove could connect over the Internet to the teacher, who could be anywhere in the world.