A tailor makes men’s clothing. When a tailor goes to work, he or she first takes measurements. The tailor then makes clothing for just that individual, not a group of people. We call that kind of clothing tailor-made.
프랑스식 성 만들기
In France, a man walks on what can only be described as a human-sized hamster wheel. The wheel moves around and around, as the man keeps walking. What is he doing?
The verbal phrase “do the math” means to examine the facts and figures to reach a conclusion, especially when the answer is very clear.
인문 학위의 가치
Some college students may wonder why their school asks them to take a class in philosophy when they are seeking a degree in physics.
인간의 수명
A new study suggests that there may be a limit to how long people can live. American researchers found that the longest a human being can live is about 115 years.
롤러코스터 타기
Roller coasters are fast and exciting. But passing a painful kidney stone is not. The process is painful and can take a long time.
미국 내 영어 학습자
The U.S. government’s top education official wants schools to do a better job teaching students whose first language is not English.
새로운 연주 장소를 찾는 음악가들
Enjoying a musical performance no longer requires a costly ticket or a trip to a theater. These days, musicians are performing in private homes, at hair cutting shops, at airports…even on ferry boats.
인도의 달리트 계급
Dalits are members of India’s lower caste, or social class. The woman’s attackers were members of a higher caste. Beatings and other violence against Dalits are not new. What is new, however, is the community’s reaction.
건강 추적기의 효과
A new study finds the electronic device probably does not help with weight loss. The study was a project of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.