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에너지 드링크
You could fill a store with all the energy drinks now available. They promise to make people feel more energetic and think more clearly.

People have used herbs and spices in food for thousands of years. Some of these substances are valued for their sharp taste. Others are chosen for their smell.

Some vegetarians do not eat any meat products or any food made from animal labor, including milk products, eggs and honey. This kind of diet is called a vegan diet.

에세이 공장
Many can be found on the Internet. They sell newly written papers on many subjects. The cost depends on the difficulty of the subject and how soon the paper is needed.

백악관 야채밭
The vegetables and fruit will help provide meals for the Obama family, White House workers and guests. The produce will also go to a nearby center that provides food for homeless people.

세계에서 가장 싼 차
The small four-door car is about three meters long. It will cost one hundred thousand Indian rupees, or two thousand dollars. That is about half the price of similar cars offered by the nearest competitor.

아기 치아
Bad teeth can be painful -- and worse. They can even be deadly. Infections of the gums and teeth can release bacteria into the blood system.

손가락 길이
Is there meaning in the length of a finger? An eighteen ninety-three guidebook called "Modern Etiquette in Public and Private" had this to say: "Long fingers are a sign of refinement. A short stubby hand argues a lack of sensibility."

귀 청소
Some people's ears produce wax like busy little bees. This can be a problem even though earwax appears to serve an important purpose.

자전거로 출근하기
More Americans than ever are riding their bicycles to work instead of driving. They are doing this because of gas prices, a slowing economy and concerns about the environment.