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Jen: I guess I will keep that in mind.

Jen: Well, I saw the ‘OPEN’ sign and I looked at it for a second because I thought that if I opened it, it would slip down, but the bottom line is that I got in.

다음으로 연기해도 될까요?
Jen: Well, this time you are forgiven. Mike: Can I get a rain check for next time though?

지금까지는 좋다
Jen: Well, I hope you like the weather so far. So far, so good?

편안한 상황에서 벗어나다
Jen: That must be hard because that’s actually having him get out of his comfort zone.

아주 처음부터 시작하다
Julie: Hmmm! But not from scratch I’m afraid. We utilize canned pumpkins but we like pumpkin pies.

발을 들여놓다
Jen: You know, a lot of people come into DC as someone who is fresh out of college or fresh out of grad (graduate) school even…to get their foot in the door right?

즉각 끊다
Jen: So people who are addicted to nicotine…for them to cut cold turkey it’s so hard. It’s so hard.

긴장을 풀다
Mike: Actually my roommate and I are going to…well I’m almost embarrassed to say this…but we are going to a local spa. We’re just going to chill out for the weekend.

단 것을 좋아하다
Jen: I think I have a separate stomach for dessert. My mouth is watering. Do you have a sweet tooth?