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오늘의 영어 표현은: To monkey around 입니다.

Mike 는 학교 영화 과제를 잘하고 싶은데 누군가 때문에 진행이 잘 안된다고 말하더라고요. Mike shared with me that it was so hard to get his film homework done for his class because someone was monkeying around a little too much.

어떤 상황인지 Mike 와 함께 나눈 대화를 통해 알아보겠습니다. 오늘의 영어 표현은 To monkey around 이죠. 잘 들어보세요!

A: This week has been crazy. It just... our camera girl has been monkeying around like every day, we don’t get anything done. . . . 계속