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오늘 저와 함께 배울 영어 표현은: Work for peanuts 입니다.

You know, Americans, like people in other countries, yes…even North Korea, always want more money. Well, one way people express this is by saying that their jobs do not pay enough. And a common expression is, "I am working for peanuts."

I met Dan and Paul who said they were working for peanuts! 그럼 Dan 과 Paul 이 나눈 대화 내용을 들어보시겠습니다. 오늘의 영어 표현은 Work for peanuts 이죠? 잘 들어보세요!

Dan: Why don’t we have any money?
Paul: Because we work for peanuts.
Dan: That’s right. . . . 계속