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오늘의 영어 표현은 Hear a pin drop 입니다.

If you have heard American English or watched an American TV show, you probably have heard this phrase: hear a pin drop. What does this mean? Let’s find out by listening to today’s conversation. 그럼, 오늘의 대화를 들어보시죠. Listen carefully.

Sally: I can’t believe he said that. And then the room was so quiet. Nobody said a word.
Brian: Really?
Sally: Yeah, I mean it was so quiet. You could hear a pin drop.

Sally 가 Brian 에게 “I can’t believe he said that. 그가 그런 말을 했다는 걸 믿을 수가 없어”라고 말하네요. ‘그 말’이 무엇인지 모르겠지만, Sally 가 믿을 수 없을 만큼 충격적인 얘기였던 모양입니다. . . .

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