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비판에 쉽게 동요하지 않는
Jen: I think you stuck through it. I think that’s why you were able to really prove yourself that, “I can handle this”.

잘 관리되는
It usually takes around 3-5. But they do this every day, so you are in good hands.

그만한 가치가 있는
Jen: Yes, $4,000. But it’s worth it if you really think about it…if you have parents who are older…

해도 될까요?
Jen: Okay. Would it be okay if you do like red green red, or green red green?

하기로 되어 있다
Cashier: Yeah, they’re supposed to. They’re supposed to come out.

선착순으로 받습니다
Jen: Have you been to a restaurant that maybe a hostess said “It’s first come first served”?

나중에 후회하는 것보다 조심하는 것이 낫다
Sara: I’m washing my hands. Better safe than sorry right? Jen: Oh yea, that’s true.

협상을 깨는 요인
Jen: What do you look for in a woman, when you start dating her?

난 그렇게 생각해요
Jen: Are you a college student here in DC or Northern Virginia area, or are you a graduate?

관심을 갖게 된 계기가 무엇인가요?
Jen: Just on a side note, you mentioned that you’re a nurse. What got you into nursing?