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너에게 달렸어
Melody: I’m not sure. What do you want? Eva: It’s up to you. Whatever you want, we will have.

마음을 정해
Joanne: Okay! Okay! Make up your mind!

밤늦게까지 공부하다
Sally: No, not at all! I have to burn the midnight oil. I need to do well on this exam.

돈이 상당히 들다
Jane: Yes, I bet it is really fast. Kelly: That car must have cost a pretty penny!

청량제 같은 것
Sarah: I love the new baseball coach. He’s got great ideas for making us better players. Mandy: He does. He’s like a breath of fresh air for the team.

그 말이 옳다고 생각되거든 그대로 따르게
Christine: I just can’t believe her. She said that I look sloppy and bad and that my clothes don’t fit well. Joshua: Well, if the shoe fits, wear it.

연락하고 지내자
Jasmine: I will. I’ll stay in touch, and I’ll call you sometime next week.

당장 머리에 떠오르는 대로
Laura: Do you know Tom's email address? Iris: I couldn't tell you off the top of my head, but I have it in my contacts list on my computer.

큰 돈이 들다
Laurie: How much? Karen: Let me just tell you it cost an arm and a leg!

Emily: How expensive? Cindy: Very expensive way too much for me. I can’t afford it and I don’t want to break the bank.