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Emily: I am exhausted. I have been working at this since 7:00 a.m. this morning. Derek: Me, too. I think it’s time we call it a day.

잠자리에 들다
Bob: I’m exhausted and can’t stay up another minute. I am going to go hit the sack!

확실한 현금줄
Bob: Yeah! I can’t believe it. It’s going really well. In fact, my coffee shop has become a real cash cow for me.

꿈같은 얘기로군
Kevin: Yeah, It was huge! Martin: In your dreams! There’s no way you caught a fish that big!

고통 없이는 얻는 것도 없다
Alicia: Well, it must be so hard to exercise for so long. Mike: Yeah. But I want to look good. And you know -- no pain, no gain.

Erica: How are you? I haven't seen you for a few years! Robert: I'm doing great! It's been ages since we've talked, hasn't it?

쥐 죽은 듯 조용하다
Sally: Nobody said a word. Brian: Really? Sally: Yeah, I mean it was so quiet. You could hear a pin drop.

흔해 빠진
Mary: Why not? I really need it. John: The store down the street has them at a dime a dozen! Come on, I’ll show you.

잘 지내니?
Cathy: What’s up? How are you? Sam: I am doing fine, thanks.

설마, 말도 안돼
Matt: Dallas, Texas. Becky: Get out of here! I’m from Dallas, Texas, too!