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기억이 나지 않는다
Susan: I can’t believe you don’t remember that. Come on. Amy: I know. I know. I’ve completely drawn a blank.

바로 본론으로 들어가다
Angela: Stop with all the details, and cut to the chase. What university are you attending in the fall?

귀가 가렵다
Jacky: Wow, that’s why my ears were burning.

주눅 들다
Claire: Oh, you should. You're so talented. Your pictures are beautiful! Mary: You're just being nice. But I'm getting cold feet. I don't know if I am good enough.

말보다 행동이 중요하다
Dan: I’m going to help you. Really, I am. You just have to wait a little while. Katie: Well, we’ll just wait and see. Actions speak louder than words.

몸이 안 좋다
Jackie: Are you okay? Lin: Um, not really. I think I’m a little bit under the weather.

간단히 먹다
Claudia: Do you want to grab a bite? Howard: Sounds good.

멋지게 옷을 입다
Rachel: They look great! Olivia: Oh, yeah! They are dressed to kill.

극히 드물게
April: He lives all the way in Minnesota, so I never get to see him. I only get to see him once in a blue moon.

행운을 빌어
Sophie: I’m so nervous! Tonight is the first night of the play. Megan: Is it? Well, go out there and break a leg!