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아주 친절한 사람이다
Rebecca: Yup! I hear she donated 500 cookies to be served at the Boy Scouts’ yearly meeting. Mike: She always did have a heart of gold.

돈이 주머니에 못 붙어 있다
Sulmi: You’d better watch out. It’s dangerous to burn a hole in your pocket like that. Young: Okay, whatever.

꾹 참다
Mike: Yes it was long~! I was going to say something about that, but I just decided to sit through the meeting and bite my tongue.

열심히 귀를 기울이다
Mike: I have a really good explanation. I promise. Rebecca: Go ahead. I’m all ears.

흐름에 맡기다
Jen: But my family wanted to watch ‘The Wolverine’ so I just decided to go with the flow. And you know, that was fine with me.

신경에 거슬리다
Matthew: It really irritates me when a person’s cell phone goes off during a movie. Sonia: Yeah, me too! It really gets on my nerves!

지쳐 버린
Jen: Oh yeah! You were knocked out! Song-hee: Oh my goodness!

비가 억수같이 쏟아진다
James: I’d better call Kevin to cancel. Jen: Yes, it’s raining cats and dogs! Maybe we can reschedule.

가격을 올리다
Jen: My friend, she doesn’t want to renew her apartment lease because the apartment management is bumping up the rent a lot!

마음이 잘 맞다
Jen: I think it’s so important to vibe and really click. Because sometimes when you don’t click, it’s hard. Do you click well with them?